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feminine noun


feminine noun
1.  (Botany) daisy
deshojar la margarita (juego) to play “she loves me, she loves me not”; (dudar) to waver
▪ idiom: criar margaritas (informal) to be pushing up the daisies (informal)
▪ idiom: ir a coger margaritas (very informal) to (go and) spend a penny (informal)
2.  (perla) pearl
▪ idiom: echar margaritas a los cerdos to cast pearls before swine
3.  (Zoology) winkle
4.  (Typography) daisywheel
5.  (cóctel) margarita (cocktail of tequila and lime or lemon juice)

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'Margarita' in Other Languages

British English: daisy /ˈdeɪzɪ/ NOUN
A daisy is a small wild flower with a yellow centre and white petals.
  • American English: daisy
  • Arabic: أُقْحُوان
  • Brazilian Portuguese: margarida
  • Chinese: 雏菊
  • Croatian: tratinčica
  • Czech: sedmikráska
  • Danish: bellis
  • Dutch: madeliefje
  • European Spanish: margarita
  • Finnish: päivänkakkara
  • French: pâquerette
  • German: Gänseblümchen
  • Greek: μαργαρίτα
  • Italian: margherita
  • Japanese: ヒナギク
  • Korean: 데이지
  • Norwegian: prestekrage
  • Polish: stokrotka
  • European Portuguese: margarida
  • Romanian: margaretă
  • Russian: ромашка
  • Latin American Spanish: margarita
  • Swedish: tusensköna
  • Thai: ดอกเดซี่
  • Turkish: papatya
  • Ukrainian: маргаритка
  • Vietnamese: hoa cúc

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