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  1. mock
    ⇒ 嘲弄历史定会被历史所嘲弄。 (Cháonòng lìshǐ dìng huì bèi lìshǐ suǒ cháonòng.) Those who mock history will be mocked by history.

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嘲弄 en Otros Idiomas

Inglés británico: derision NOUN
If you treat someone or something with derision, you express contempt for them.
He tried to calm them, but was greeted with shouts of derision.
Inglés británico: travesty NOUN
If you describe something as a travesty of another thing, you mean that it is a very bad representation of that other thing.
Her research suggests that his reputation today is a travesty of what he really stood for.

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Traducción de 嘲弄 del Collins Chino a Inglés
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