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[ˈkʌtɪŋ ]
1.  Schneiden nt
[of grass] Mähen nt
[of cake] Anschneiden nt
[of glass, jewel] Schliff m
[of key] Anfertigung f
[of record] Pressen nt
[of prices] Herabsetzung f
[of quantity] Reduzierung f
[of working hours] Verkürzung f
[of expenses, salary] Kürzung f
4.  (editing) (cinema) Schnitt m
[of part of text] Streichung f
5.  (British) (road cutting, railway cutting) Durchstich m
6.  (British) (from newspaper) Ausschnitt m
7.  (horticulture) Ableger m
to take a cutting einen Ableger nehmen
1.  scharf
to be at the cutting edge of sth in etw dat führend sein
2.  (figurative)
[wind, cold] schneidend
[remark] spitz

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Ejemplos de frases que contienen cutting

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Both can be grown from hardwood cuttings taken when the plants are dormant.
The Sun (2017)
Buy established plants or take cuttings from friends.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Cutting funding overnight is no way to run the arts.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Some sharper cutting - the running time is more than two hours - might have made it really sing.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
Summer is the ideal time to take cuttings from many plants.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
He met inquiries as to whether he would strengthen his hand in January with the most cutting retort he could muster.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Digital cameras and cuttings from magazines are the perfect tools to use to help you piece together.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
He draws mainly from magazine cuttings and books.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
He had kept an archive of press cuttings about his son in a suitcase in the wardrobe.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
It can be sharp and cutting or dull and throbbing.
Dylan Evans PLACEBO: The Belief Effect (2003)
But profits were up last year, helped by cost cutting.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
It is understood the plans will be paid for by cutting spending elsewhere.
The Sun (2008)
It was under grass cuttings in the ashes of a bonfire.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
Labour has attacked the coalition for cutting funding for the school sport partnerships programme it set up.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
On their third visit they finally found him hiding behind hedge cuttings in his garden.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Such cuttings will give plants with more flowers.
The Sun (2011)
They are a significant cause of litter -- just look at any motorway verge or railway cutting.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
The same sucker could be used in the summer to collect grass cuttings instead of blowing them off pavements.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
There is no sustainable route to deficit reduction except by cutting spending.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
Taking this train journey through the railway cuttings of western England is also a geological voyage.
Michael Boulter EXTINCTION: Evolution and the End of Man (2002)
This fact is used by gardeners who grow plants from cuttings.
McCahill, T. A. Biology Basic Facts (1982)

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cutting en Otros Idiomas

Inglés británico: cutting /ˈkʌtɪŋ/ NOUN
newspaper A cutting is a piece of writing cut from a newspaper or magazine.
...old newspaper cuttings.
  • Inglés americano: clipping
  • Árabe: قُصَاصَة
  • Portugués brasileño: artigo jornal
  • Chino: 切片
  • Croata: izrezak
  • Checo: výstřižek
  • Danés: udklip
  • Holandés: krantenknipsel
  • Español europeo: recorte periódico
  • Finlandés: lehtileike
  • Francés: coupure
  • Alemán: Ausschnitt Zeitung
  • Griego: τομή
  • Italiano: ritaglio
  • Japonés: 切り抜き
  • Coreano: 절단
  • Noruego: klipping
  • Polaco: wycinek
  • Portugués: artigo jornal
  • Rumano: tăieturădin ziar
  • Ruso: вырезка из газеты
  • Español: recorte
  • Sueco: stickling
  • Tailandés: การตัด
  • Turco: gazete kesiği
  • Ucraniano: вирізка
  • Vietnamita: bài báo cắt ra
Inglés británico: cutting NOUN
plant A cutting from a plant is a part of the plant that you have cut off so that you can grow a new plant from it.
Take cuttings from it in July or August.
  • Inglés americano: cutting
  • Portugués brasileño: muda
  • Chino: 插枝
  • Español europeo: esqueje
  • Francés: bouture
  • Alemán: Ableger
  • Italiano: talea
  • Japonés: >挿し穂挿し木用の
  • Coreano: 꺾꽂이 순
  • Portugués: estaca
  • Español: esqueje
Inglés británico: cutting ADJECTIVE
A cutting remark is unkind and likely to hurt someone's feelings.
People make cutting remarks to help themselves feel superior or powerful.


Traducción de cutting del Collins Inglés a Alemán
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