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[ˈkærɪ ]
verbo transitivo
1.  (take) llevar
I carried the tray into the kitchen llevé la bandeja a la cocina
he carries our lives in his hands nuestras vidas están en sus manos
to carry sth around with one llevar algo consigo
I’ve been carrying your umbrella around since last week llevo cargando con tu paraguas desde la semana pasada
as fast as his legs could carry him tan rápido como le permitían sus piernasa todo correr
to carry one’s audience with one (figurative) ganarse al público
to carry sth in one’s head tener algo en mente
he carries his drink well aguanta mucho bebiendo
2.  (support)
[burden] sostener
it’s too heavy to carry pesa mucho para llevarlo encima or para cargar con ello
3.  (have on one’s person)
[money, documents] llevar (encima)
he always carries a gun siempre lleva pistola (encima)
are you carrying any money? ¿llevas dinero (encima)?
4.  (transport)
[goods] transportar
[passengers, message] llevar
the train does not carry passengers el tren no lleva pasajeros
this bus carries 60 passengers este autobús tiene asientos para 60 personas
the wind carried the sound to him el viento llevó el sonido hasta él
5.  (Business)
[goods] tenertratar en
6.  (Medicine)
[disease] transmitirser portador de
7.  (involve)
[consequence] acarrear
[responsibility] conllevar
[interpretation] encerrarllevar implícito
[meaning] tener
[authority etc] revestir
the offence carries a £50 fine la infracción será penalizada con una multa de 50 libras
a crime which carries the death penalty un delito que lleva aparejada la pena de muerte
8.  (have, be provided with)
[guarantee] tenerllevar
[warning] llevar
9.  [newspaper etc]
[story] traerimprimir
both papers carried the story ambos periódicos traían la noticia
this journal does not carry reviews esta revista no tiene reseñas
10.  (extend) extenderprolongar
to carry sth too far (figurative) llevar algo demasiado lejos
[figure] llevarse
[interest] llevar
12.  (approve)
[motion] aprobar
[proposition] hacer aceptar
the motion was carried la moción fue aprobada
13.  (win)
[election, point] ganar
(Parliament) [seat] ganar
▪ idiom: to carry the day triunfar
▪ idiom: to carry all or everything before one arrasar con todo
to carry o.s. portarse
he carries himself like a soldier se comporta como un soldado
she carries herself well se mueve con garbo
15.  [pregnant woman]
[child] estar encinta de
verbo intransitivo
1.  [sound] oírse
she has a voice which carries tiene una voz que se oye bastante lejos
2.  [pregnant woman]
she’s carrying (old-fashioned) está embarazada
[of ball, shot] alcance m
phrasal verbs
See carry off

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Ejemplos de frases que contienen carry

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They announced that my father had carried out an act of great importance.
Aidan Hartley THE ZANZIBAR CHEST: A Memoir of Love and War (2003)
It must carry its own legitimacy and staying power with it.
Kantrow, Alan M. The Constraints of Corporate Tradition (1987)
Perhaps that will carry over into another record and perhaps a new tour.
The Sun (2012)
What is the best way to carry my luggage?
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
It would be unfair to get carried away after one game.
The Sun (2010)
Some of the alleged crimes were carried out on Swiss territory.
The Sun (2016)
We were not getting carried away after the first few games.
The Sun (2016)
At university, she was helped by her father to find a practical car that could carry her boat and equipment.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
He gave crucial first aid and carried him through enemy fire to safety.
The Sun (2008)
Police said that the attack was probably carried out by one person.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
The crime carries the death penalty there.
The Sun (2011)
The main challenge was how to provide the best advice and not get too carried away.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
The people carrying out the work are putting themselves at great risk.
The Sun (2017)
They are trained to attack people carrying weapons.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
They are very unlikely to carry out a crime like this.
The Sun (2009)
They can carry chemicals that would otherwise be blocked by the body.
The Sun (2016)
Visitors carried away by this current will emerge as refreshed as the paintings themselves now feel.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Will she carry on for another two decades at the top?
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
Yesterday a fleet of boats carried flowers to the yacht.
The Sun (2007)
You can only carry on doing that for a short period.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
It is very rare that a venal person carries out a malign plot with exquisite skill.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)

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carry en Otros Idiomas

Inglés británico: carry /ˈkærɪ/ VERB
If you carry something, you take it with you, holding it so that it does not touch the ground.
He was carrying a briefcase.
  • Inglés americano: carry
  • Árabe: يَحْمِلُ
  • Portugués brasileño: carregar
  • Chino: 运送
  • Croata: nositi
  • Checo: nést
  • Danés: bære
  • Holandés: dragen sjouwen
  • Español europeo: llevar
  • Finlandés: kantaa
  • Francés: porter poids
  • Alemán: tragen
  • Griego: μεταφέρω
  • Italiano: portare
  • Japonés: 運ぶ
  • Coreano: ...을 운반하다
  • Noruego: bære
  • Polaco: nieść
  • Portugués: carregar
  • Rumano: a duce
  • Ruso: нести
  • Español: llevar
  • Sueco: bära
  • Tailandés: ขนส่ง
  • Turco: taşımak
  • Ucraniano: нести
  • Vietnamita: mang


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