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[ˈsɪtɪznʃɪp ]
ciudadanía f

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Ejemplos de frases que contienen citizenship

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He died just before the arrival of the news that he'd been granted British citizenship.
The Times Literary Supplement (2013)
Anyone who gives up British citizenship so they can keep or gain citizenship in another country is allowed to become British again.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Roman was still waiting to receive his American citizenship.
Oliver Poole BLACK KNIGHTS: On the Bloody Road to Baghdad (2003)
Last year he was given British citizenship.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
Students can take citizenship, ethics or enterprise alongside their subject.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Twenty scholarships have been introduced for students taking the new global citizenship award.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
He should win an award for good citizenship!
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
They moved to Australia in 2000 and have recently obtained citizenship.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
He previously had dual citizenship and has now been given lottery funding after switching athletic allegiances.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
He then completed a year of compulsory national service in the Finnish army, because he has dual citizenship through his mother.
The Sun (2013)
He was finally given it but then allegedly resorted to a false name so he could be granted British citizenship.
The Sun (2011)
He was one of 16 former detainees of British citizenship who were awarded compensation this month.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
I'm already looking into dual citizenship.
The Sun (2016)
It wouldn't surprise me if they had already been granted British citizenship.
The Sun (2015)
The families will be able to apply for British citizenship five years after that.
The Sun (2006)
There must be no religious test for citizenship or public office.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
They argue that a knowledge of English is not part of the formula for responsible citizenship in this country.
Goshgarian, Gary Exploring language (6th edn) (1995)

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citizenship en Otros Idiomas

Inglés británico: citizenship /ˈsɪtɪzənˌʃɪp/ NOUN
If you have citizenship of a country, you are legally accepted as belonging to it.
After 15 years in the country, he has finally decided to apply for citizenship.
  • Inglés americano: citizenship
  • Árabe: مُوَاطَنَة
  • Portugués brasileño: cidadania
  • Chino: 公民身份
  • Croata: državljanstvo
  • Checo: občanství
  • Danés: statsborgerskab
  • Holandés: burgerschap
  • Español europeo: ciudadanía
  • Finlandés: kansalaisuus
  • Francés: citoyenneté
  • Alemán: Staatsbürgerschaft
  • Griego: υπηκοότητα
  • Italiano: cittadinanza
  • Japonés: 市民権
  • Coreano: 시민권
  • Noruego: statsborgerskap
  • Polaco: obywatelstwo
  • Portugués: cidadania
  • Rumano: cetățenie
  • Ruso: гражданство
  • Español: ciudadanía
  • Sueco: medborgarskap
  • Tailandés: ความเป็นพลเมือง
  • Turco: vatandaşlık
  • Ucraniano: громадянство
  • Vietnamita: quốc tịch


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