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[ʊˈkeɪt ]
verbo transitivo
1.  (place) situarubicar (esp Latin America)
to be located at estar situado enestar ubicado en (esp Latin America)
2.  (find) localizar
we located it eventually por fin lo encontramos

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Ejemplos de frases que contienen locate

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The windows were covered with shutters that had been made fast by some mechanism I could not locate.
Elizabeth Peters HE SHALL THUNDER IN THE SKY (2002)
Shoving her way through the peering folk enjoying their morning excursion, the Countess stood on tiptoe, trying to locate Alpiew.
Bound to locate us -- us, the most valuable prize on the Norwegian Sea.
Maclean, Alistair SAN ANDREAS (2002)
In the event it proved perfectly simple to locate the Drelano family.
Harcourt, Palma DOUBLE DECEIT (2002)

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Inglés británico: locate VERB
If you locate something or someone, you find out where they are.
The scientists want to locate the position of the gene on a chromosome.


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