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[wɜːk ]
(activity) trabajo m
(effort) esfuerzo m
work in progress trabajo en proceso
to be at work on sth estar trabajando sobre algo
there are forces at work hay fuerzas en movimiento
work has begun on the new dam se han comenzado las obras del nuevo embalse
work has begun on the new project ha comenzado el trabajo en el nuevo proyecto
it’s all in a day's work es pan de cada día
to do one’s work hacer su trabajo
he did some good work at head office hizo un buen trabajo en la oficina central
the medicine had done its work la medicina había surtido efecto
to get some work done hacer algo (de trabajo)
to get on with one’s work seguir trabajando
good work! (well done) ¡buen trabajo!
it’s hard work es mucho trabajocuesta (trabajo)
he’s hard work (informal) es una persona difícil
a piece of work un trabajo
she’s put a lot of work into it le ha puesto grandes esfuerzos
to make quick work of sth/sb despachar algo/a algn con rapidez
to set to work ponerse a trabajar
to set sb to work poner a algn a trabajar
to make short work of sth/sb despachar algo/a algn con rapidez
to start work ponerse a trabajar
▪ idiom: to have one's work cut out
I have my work cut out as it is ya tengo trabajo hasta por encima de las cejas
I had my work cut out to stop it me costó detenerlo
you’ll have your work cut out trying to stop him te costará muchísimo trabajo impedirle
see also nasty adjective
2.  (employment, place of employment) trabajo m
“work wanted” (US) “demandas de empleo”
to be at work estar trabajando
accidents at work accidentes mpl laborales
to go to work ir a trabajar
to go out to work (have a job) tener un trabajo
to be in work tener trabajo
she’s looking for work está buscando trabajo
it’s nice work if you can get it es muy agradable para los que tienen esa suerte
I’m off work for a week tengo una semana de permiso
a day off work un día libre
to take time off work tomarse tiempo libre
to be out of work estar desempleado or parado or en paro
to put sb out of work dejar a algn sin trabajo
on her way to work camino del trabajo
(product, deed) obra f
(efforts) trabajo
the works of God las obras de Dios
this is the work of a professional/madman esto es trabajo de un profesional/loco
what do you think of his work? ¿qué te parece su trabajo?
the dictator and all his works el dictador y todo lo suyo
good works obras fpl de caridad
his life's work el trabajo al que ha dedicado su vida
4.  (Art, Literature etc.) obra f
the works of Dickens las obras de Dickens
a work of art una obra de arte
a literary work una obra literaria
a work of reference un libro de consulta
[of machine, clock etc] mecanismo m sing
▪ idiom: to bung or gum up the works fastidiarlo todo
see also spanner
(Military) obras fplfortificaciones fpl
road works obras
Ministry of Works Ministerio m de Obras Públicas
verbo intransitivo
1.  (gen) trabajar
(be in a job) tener trabajo
to work to achieve sth dirigir todos sus esfuerzos a lograr algo
he is working at his German está dándole al alemán
to work hard trabajar mucho or duro
she works in a bakery trabaja en una panadería
he works in education/publishing trabaja en la enseñanza/el campo editorial
he prefers to work in wood/oils prefiere trabajar la madera/con óleos
to work to rule (Industry) estar en huelga de celo
to work towards sth trabajar or realizar esfuerzos para conseguir algo
▪ idiom: to work like a slave or Trojan etc trabajar como un demonio
2.  (function)
[machine, car] funcionar
the heating isn’t working la calefacción no funciona
it won’t work no funciona
not working no funciona
my brain doesn’t seem to be working today (humorous) mi cerebro no funciona hoy como es debido
it may work against us podría sernos desfavorable
this can work both ways esto puede ser un arma de doble filo
this may work in our favour puede que esto nos venga bien
to get sth working hacer funcionar algo
it works off the mains funciona con la electricidad de la red
my plan worked perfectly mi plan funcionó a la perfección
3.  (be effective)
[plan] salirmarchar
[drug, medicine, spell] surtir efectoser eficaz
[yeast] fermentar
how long does it take to work? ¿cuánto tiempo hace falta para que empiece a surtir efecto?
the scheme won’t work el proyecto no es prácticoesto no será factible
it won’t work, I tell you! ¡te digo que no se puede (hacer)!
4.  [mouth, face, jaws] moversetorcerse
5.  (move gradually)
she worked methodically down the list repasó metódicamente la lista
to work loose desprenderse
to work round to a question preparar el terreno para preguntar algo
eventually he worked round to the price por fin llegó a mencionar el precio
what are you working round to? ¿adónde va a parar todo esto?¿qué propósito tiene todo esto?
verbo transitivo
1.  (make work) hacer trabajar
he works his staff too hard hace trabajar demasiado al personal
to work o.s. to death matarse trabajando
2.  (operate)
can you work it? ¿sabes manejarlo?
it is worked by electricity funciona con electricidad
3.  (achieve)
[change] producirmotivar
[cure] hacerefectuar
[miracle] hacer
he has managed to work his promotion (informal) ha conseguido asegurarse el ascenso
they worked it so that she could come (informal) lo arreglaron para que viniera
see also wonder noun
(Sewing) coser
[row] hacer
worked with blue thread bordado de hilo azul
5.  (shape)
[dough, clay] trabajar
[stone, marble] tallargrabar
worked flint piedra f tallada
work the butter and sugar together amasar el azúcar y la mantequilla juntos
6.  (exploit)
[mine] explotar
[land] cultivar
this land has not been worked for many years estas tierras hace mucho tiempo que no se cultivan
he works the eastern part of the province trabaja en la parte este de la provincia
7.  (manoeuvre)
he gradually worked the rope through the hole poco a poco fue metiendo la cuerda por el agujero
to work one’s hands free lograr soltar las manos
he worked the lever up and down movió la palanca hacia arriba y hacia abajo
to work o.s. into a rage ponerse furiosoenfurecerse
he worked the crowd (up) into a frenzy exaltó los ánimos de la multitud
the screw had worked itself loose el tornillo se había soltado solo
to work one’s way along ir avanzando poco a poco
to work one’s way up a cliff escalar poco a poco or a duras penas un precipicio
to work one’s way up to the top of a company llegar a la dirección de una compañía por sus propios esfuerzos
he worked his way up in the firm ascendió en la compañía mediante sus propios esfuerzos
8.  (finance)
to work one’s passage on a ship costearse un viaje trabajando
to work one’s way through college costearse los estudios universitarios trabajando
See work camp
See work file
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Ejemplos de frases que contienen work

Estos ejemplos se han seleccionado automáticamente y pueden contener contenido sensible. Lee mas…
The mattress that takes all the guess work out of sleeping.
John Fisher Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing (2006)
The new pilot will have his or her work cut out.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
They will have their work cut out.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Yet only in a few businesses is knowledge work thought through and purposefully directed.
Peter F. Drucker MANAGING FOR RESULTS (1986)
Your supervisor should be able to advise on how to promote your efforts at work.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
He was always keen to promote works by contemporary composers and also favoured neglected works.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
How do smart passive funds work?
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
If this government wants to govern it must grasp how this process works.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
She also works one day a week in an interior design shop.
The Sun (2016)
The overhaul lends new life to the art works on display.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The work is grounded in the daily domestic behaviour patterns of two people who know each other well.
Times, Sunday Times (2017)
We all know plants can be works of art in themselves.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Where to buy something that works like a cardigan but looks like a jacket?
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Woman in the works canteen couldn't pronounce quinoa properly.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
Work on processes and systems that use nuclear power.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
You have got this inherent work ethic that makes them want to get things done.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Your blend of ability and persistence gets results at work.
The Sun (2010)
He wrote the next day explaining he was working on a book.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The summer has to be one of hard work.
The Sun (2013)
There are many amazing people working here who care so much for the club and the town.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
We are working very hard on these aspects to improve them.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Where on earth would the hard work and application come from?
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
How have they worked that one out?
The Sun (2016)
Telling people to work from home or take a bus is frankly insulting.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
There was also intensive construction work at the wind park during the past two years.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
They will also face financial penalties for leaving temporary traffic lights in place once work is completed.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
We work together as ground crew for an airline.
The Sun (2013)
It should not work the other way round.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
This will naturally lead to concern for the work of the church.
Christianity Today (2000)
While working at this job she was reporting to a personnel executive who became an important mentor.
Harris, Jean Everything You Need to Know for Success in Business (1990)
All the evidence shows that it is supportive relationships that make families work well.
Pearce, Dr John Families and Friends - how to help your child form happy relationships. (1989)
To plant on such a large scale is hard work.
Page, Russell The Education of a Gardener (1994)

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work en Otros Idiomas

Inglés británico: work /wɜːk/ NOUN
People who have work have a job.
Fewer and fewer people are in work.
  • Inglés americano: work
  • Árabe: عَمَل
  • Portugués brasileño: trabalho
  • Chino: 工作
  • Croata: posao
  • Checo: práce
  • Danés: arbejde
  • Holandés: werk
  • Español europeo: trabajo
  • Finlandés: työ
  • Francés: travail
  • Alemán: Arbeit
  • Griego: δουλειά
  • Italiano: lavoro
  • Japonés: 労働
  • Coreano:
  • Noruego: arbeid
  • Polaco: praca
  • Portugués: trabalho
  • Rumano: lucru
  • Ruso: работа
  • Español: trabajo
  • Sueco: arbete
  • Tailandés: การงาน
  • Turco:
  • Ucraniano: робота
  • Vietnamita: công việc
Inglés británico: work /wɜːk/ VERB
toil When you work, you do something that uses a lot of your time or effort.
We work hard all day.
  • Inglés americano: work
  • Árabe: يَعْمَلُ
  • Portugués brasileño: trabalhar
  • Chino: 工作
  • Croata: raditi
  • Checo: pracovat
  • Danés: arbejde
  • Holandés: werken
  • Español europeo: trabajar
  • Finlandés: työskennellä
  • Francés: travailler
  • Alemán: arbeiten
  • Griego: δουλεύω
  • Italiano: lavorare
  • Japonés: 働く
  • Coreano: 일하다
  • Noruego: arbeide
  • Polaco: pracować
  • Portugués: trabalhar
  • Rumano: a lucra
  • Ruso: работать
  • Español: trabajar
  • Sueco: arbeta
  • Tailandés: ทำงาน
  • Turco: çalışmak
  • Ucraniano: працювати
  • Vietnamita: làm việc
Inglés británico: work /wɜːk/ VERB
machine If a machine works, it does its job.
The TV isn't working.
  • Inglés americano: work
  • Árabe: يَشْتَغِلُ
  • Portugués brasileño: funcionar
  • Chino: 运转
  • Croata: raditi
  • Checo: fungovat
  • Danés: virke
  • Holandés: werken
  • Español europeo: funcionar
  • Finlandés: toimia
  • Francés: fonctionner
  • Alemán: funktionieren
  • Griego: λειτουργώ
  • Italiano: funzionare
  • Japonés: 機能する
  • Coreano: 작동하다
  • Noruego: virke
  • Polaco: działać
  • Portugués: funcionar
  • Rumano: a funcționa
  • Ruso: работать
  • Español: funcionar
  • Sueco: fungera
  • Tailandés: ทำงาน
  • Turco: çalışmak
  • Ucraniano: працювати
  • Vietnamita: hoạt động


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