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in the sense of collect
to receive payments of (taxes, dues, or contributions)
They collected donations for a fund to help the earthquake victims.
in the sense of congregate
to collect together in or as a crowd
People were already beginning to congregate outside the cinema.
in the sense of connect
to link or be linked
You can connect the machine to your hi-fi.
in the sense of construct
to build or put together
The boxes should be constructed from rough-sawn timber.
in the sense of convene
to gather or summon for a formal meeting
Senior officials convened in Dakar for an emergency meeting.
in the sense of convene
to gather or summon for a formal meeting
He convened a meeting of all the managers.
bring together,
convoke (formal)
in the sense of convoke
to call together
in the sense of erect
to raise to an upright position
Demonstrators have erected barricades in the roads.
set up,
stand up,
put up,
put together,
in the sense of fabricate
to make or build
All the tools are fabricated from high-quality steel.
in the sense of flock
to gather together or move in large numbers
The crowds flocked around her.

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