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in the sense of pack
any collection of people or things
a pack of journalists who wanted to interview him
in the sense of pile
a collection of objects laid on top of one another
a pile of books
in the sense of secure
to attach; make fast or firm
The frames are secured by horizontal rails to the back wall.
in the sense of set
a group of people who associate with each other or have similar interests
the popular watering hole for the literary set
crew (informal),
outfit (informal),
posse (informal),
in the sense of squad
any small group of people working together
The club is under investigation by the fraud squad.
dream team
in the sense of stretch
to draw (something) tight
Make sure you don't stretch the pastry as you ease it into the corners.
pull out of shape,
draw out,
in the sense of tether
to tie with a tether
He dismounted, tethering his horse to a tree.
in the sense of tuft
a bunch of feathers, grass, hair, threads, etc., held together at the base
He had a small tuft of hair on his chin.
in the sense of weave
to form (a fabric) by interlacing yarn on a loom
She then weaves the fibres together to make the traditional Awatum basket.

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