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in the sense of lewd
indecently vulgar
The embattled mayor apologized for making lewd remarks to reporters.
in the sense of libidinous
characterized by excessive sexual desire
He let his libidinous imagination run away with him.
in the sense of licentious
sexually unrestrained or promiscuous
alarming stories of licentious behaviour
in the sense of prurient
excessively interested in sexual matters
our prurient fascination with sexual scandals
in the sense of randy
sexually aroused
It was extremely hot and I was feeling rather randy.
sexy (informal),
turned-on (slang),
raunchy (informal),
horny (slang),
sexually excited,
in the sense of raunchy
sexy or earthy
a raunchy movie
in the sense of wanton
(of a woman) sexually unrestrained or immodest
His eldest son was a wanton youth and a disappointment to him.

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