Sinónimos de inglés

Sinónimos de prink

to dress (oneself) finely
dress up
, ,
dress to kill (informal)
trick out
dress (up) to the nines (informal)
gussy up (slang)
fig up (slang)
to preen oneself
He spent half an hour preening in front of the mirror.
20 minutes preening themselves every morning
She always appeared perfectly groomed.
, , ,
doll up (slang)
, ,

Otros sinónimos

in the sense of groom
to keep (oneself or one's appearance) clean and tidy
She always appeared perfectly groomed.
smarten up,
turn out,
get up (informal),
spruce up,
gussy up (slang, US)
in the sense of primp
to tidy (one's hair or clothes) fussily
dress up,
deck out,
doll up (slang),
gussy up (slang),
be in full fig (slang),
fig up (slang),
put on your best bib and tucker (informal),
put on your gladrags (slang)

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