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Sinónimos de "awake"
Sinónimos de "awake"
Definición en español de "awake"
Definición en español de "awake"
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Pronunciation Playlists
Palabra del día : lehua
Palabra del día : lehua
Definición en francés de "awake"
Definición en francés de "awake"
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Ejemplos de frases que contienen awake

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The best way to ensure this is to be awake fully during the day. The Sun (2016)Iceman lay awake at night and wondered about the way of things. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Blue light emitted from phones will keep you awake. The Sun (2017)It was just not necessarily at a speed at which the audience could fairly be expected to stay awake. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Not surprisingly with such long study hours, staying awake is a problem. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We've awoken a sleeping giant! Times, Sunday Times (2016)The reigning Wimbledon champion has recounted a spooky episode in which he once awoke to find a hotel maid stroking his arm. Times, Sunday Times (2016)I want to prove I am wide awake. The Sun (2016)The mournful sound kept her awake because she felt mournful herself. Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden (1911) Staying awake long enough to finish his sentences seemed an almighty struggle. Christopher Ross TUNNEL VISIONS: Journeys of an Underground Philosopher (2001)You stop being fully awake and alive. Christianity Today (2000)What keeps me awake at night is that. Times, Sunday Times (2014)He remembered afterward how intensely wide awake and alert he had thought he was. Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden (1911)The patient is completely awake and aware. The Sun (2010)When you turn it off your brain is still awake. The Sun (2016)They awoke to find themselves buried under concrete. Times, Sunday Times (2014)The thought of chewing on it keeps me awake at night. The Sun (2011)The family regularly awoke to the sound of gunfire and tanks pounding nearby homes. Times, Sunday Times (2011)All at once he was wide awake. Kerr, Katharine A Time of War (1993)So follow our pointers to beat the afternoon slump and stay awake when you need to. The Sun (2016)We stayed awake at night listening to him breathe. Martin, April The Guide to Lesbian and Gay Parenting (1993)Be certain to have some strong coffee ready to help you remain awake and alert. The Sun (2016)Some of the images still keep me awake. Times, Sunday Times (2013)It all comes from strange ideas that keep you awake at half past four in the morning. Times, Sunday Times (2011)After five hours sleep there is only a one in ten chance of staying fully awake on a lengthy journey. The Sun (2008)These occurred whether patients were awake or asleep, suggesting the music subconsciously affects brain cells. The Sun (2010)In those early months, the biggest challenge was working out if he was awake or asleep. The Sun (2014)After he awoke to the sound of gunfire, he could be seen fleeing the hotel with his men. Times, Sunday Times (2011)I just feel awake and aware. The Sun (2014)

Sinónimos de awake

wake up, come to, wake, stir
not sleeping, sleepless, wide-awake, aware
alert, aware, on the lookout, alive

Tendencias de awake

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Traducciones de awake

Inglés británico: awake /əˈweɪk/ ADJECTIVE
If you are awake, you are not sleeping.
I stayed awake worrying.
  • Inglés americano: awake
  • Árabe: مُسْتَيْقِظ
  • Portugués brasileño: acordado
  • Chino: 醒着的
  • Croata: budan
  • Checo: probuzený
  • Danés: vågen
  • Holandés: wakker
  • Español europeo: despierto
  • Finlandés: hereillä oleva
  • Francés: éveillé
  • Alemán: wach
  • Griego: ξύπνιος
  • Italiano: sveglio
  • Japonés: 眠らずに
  • Coreano: 깨어 있는
  • Noruego: våken
  • Polaco: przebudzony
  • Portugués: acordado estado desperto
  • Rumano: treaz
  • Ruso: бодрствующий
  • Español: despierto
  • Sueco: vaken
  • Tailandés: ตื่น
  • Turco: uyanık
  • Ucraniano: бадьорий
  • Vietnamita: thức
Inglés británico: awake /əˈweɪk/ VERB
When you awake, or when something awakes you, you wake up.
The sound of many voices awoke her.
  • Inglés americano: awaken
  • Árabe: يُفَيقُ
  • Portugués brasileño: despertar
  • Chino: 唤醒
  • Croata: buditi
  • Checo: probudit (se)
  • Danés: vække
  • Holandés: wakker worden
  • Español europeo: despertar
  • Finlandés: herätä
  • Francés: réveiller
  • Alemán: aufwecken
  • Griego: ξυπνώ κάποιον
  • Italiano: svegliarsi
  • Japonés: 目が覚める
  • Coreano: 잠에서 깨다
  • Noruego: våkne
  • Polaco: obudzić się
  • Portugués: despertar
  • Rumano: a deștepta
  • Ruso: будить
  • Español: despertar
  • Sueco: vakna
  • Tailandés: ปลุก ทำให้ตื่น
  • Turco: uyanmak
  • Ucraniano: прокидатися
  • Vietnamita: đánh thức


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