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Sinónimos de "decrease"
Sinónimos de "decrease"
Definición en español de "decrease"
Definición en español de "decrease"
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Definición en francés de "decrease"
Definición en francés de "decrease"
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Ejemplos de frases que contienen decrease

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But it did find a six per cent decrease in available jobs last month compared with September. The Sun (2016)An increase in client numbers automatically decreases spend per head, as they take time to get into their stride. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The boost came despite a four per cent decrease over the previous month driven by a seasonal dip following the festive season, says the report. Computing (2010)Since 2010 the proportion of schools reporting a head teacher vacancy has decreased and the number of school leaders over the age of 50 has decreased significantly. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They could also help to decrease the risk of certain cancers and eye disease (by absorbing some of the damaging blue light that enters the eye naturally). Times, Sunday Times (2016)The results showed decreases both in clinical signs and in pain scores. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The price is a slight decrease in the amount of blood pumped out of the heart. Pantano, James A. (MD) Living with Angina (1991)Tobacco smoke can decrease the number of negative ions in the air. Martlew, Gillian & Silver, Shelley Stay Well This Winter (1989)Violence has also decreased due to rising expectations. Times, Sunday Times (2009)We will be watching to ensure that the stillbirth numbers do show a significant decrease. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The effect of the price increase is to decrease the size of your feasible set. Miller, Roger LeRoy & Fishe, Raymond P. H. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice (1995)There are numerous other examples of such physical problems that can cause decreasing returns to scale. Miller, Roger LeRoy & Fishe, Raymond P. H. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice (1995)Both animals and man consistently show decreased appetite with small increases in physical activity. Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook (1988)Prices decrease as the amount required increases. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Trading through charity shops or social enterprise is also likely to decrease. Times, Sunday Times (2008)He said that he felt a significant decrease in pain. Times, Sunday Times (2015)One explanation for the worsening gender imbalance may be decreasing family size. Times, Sunday Times (2011)It is also clear that the rural areas have seen a profound decrease in the availability of agricultural employment. Ogden, Philip E & White, Paul E (eds.) Migrants in Modern France: Population Mobility in the Later Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1989)High housing costs have also led to a decrease in the number of younger people being able to afford to live alone. Times, Sunday Times (2015)This gradually decreases to 2% if you leave it in until the fifth year. Times, Sunday Times (2006)The effect of a 10 per cent ozone decrease there could be dramatic. Radford, Tim & Leggett, Jeremy The Crisis of Life on Earth - our legacy from the second millenium (1990)But the effort is rewarded both in the increased quality of relationships we enjoy and in the decreased quantity of conflict we endure. Christianity Today (2000)August compared with a decrease of 8.5% nationally. Times, Sunday Times (2008)It has been linked to a 32 per cent decrease in the chance of being obese. The Sun (2015)It's very probable we will see a decrease in population. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Alcohol can cause a decrease of co-ordination and alertness. Martlew, Gillian & Silver, Shelley (ed) The Medicine Chest - your family's guide to prescription drugs (1988)As time goes on the time between the peaks and their intensity decreases, until they stop being a problem. Wallace, Louise M & Bundy, Christine Coping with Angina (1990)We have to crank up growth because that decreases the financial gaps,' he added. Times, Sunday Times (2012)

Tendencias de decrease

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Traducciones de decrease

Inglés británico: decrease /ˈdiːkriːs/ NOUN
A decrease is a reduction in the quantity or size of something.
...a decrease in the number of people without jobs.
  • Inglés americano: decrease
  • Árabe: تَنَاقُص
  • Portugués brasileño: decréscimo
  • Chino: 减少
  • Croata: smanjenje
  • Checo: snížení
  • Danés: nedgang
  • Holandés: afname
  • Español europeo: disminución
  • Finlandés: lasku alenema
  • Francés: diminution
  • Alemán: Rückgang
  • Griego: μείωση
  • Italiano: calo
  • Japonés: 減少
  • Coreano: 감소
  • Noruego: nedgang
  • Polaco: zmniejszenie
  • Portugués: decréscimo
  • Rumano: scădere
  • Ruso: уменьшение
  • Español: disminución
  • Sueco: minskning
  • Tailandés: การลดลง
  • Turco: azalma
  • Ucraniano: зниження
  • Vietnamita: sự giảm đi
Inglés británico: decrease /dɪˈkriːs/ VERB
When something decreases, or when you decrease it, it becomes less in quantity, size, or intensity.
Population growth is decreasing by 1.4% each year.
Gradually decrease the amount of vitamin C you are taking.
  • Inglés americano: decrease
  • Árabe: يَتَنَاقَصُ
  • Portugués brasileño: diminuir
  • Chino: 减少
  • Croata: smanjiti
  • Checo: snížit
  • Danés: aftage
  • Holandés: afnemen
  • Español europeo: disminuir
  • Finlandés: vähentyä
  • Francés: diminuer
  • Alemán: vermindern (sich)
  • Griego: μειώνω
  • Italiano: calare
  • Japonés: 減少する
  • Coreano: 감소하다
  • Noruego: minske
  • Polaco: zmniejszyć
  • Portugués: diminuir
  • Rumano: a scădea
  • Ruso: уменьшать
  • Español: disminuir
  • Sueco: minska
  • Tailandés: ลดลง
  • Turco: azalmak
  • Ucraniano: зменшуватися
  • Vietnamita: giảm bớt


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