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Sinónimos de "instil"
Sinónimos de "instil"
Definición en español de "instil"
Definición en español de "instil"
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Definición en francés de "instil"
Definición en francés de "instil"
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But we also need a manager who can instil some confidence into the side. Times, Sunday Times (2017)We need to keep the same mentality and instil the same discipline. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The moon is shining a lucky light on teamwork and you will instil confidence in others. The Sun (2006)It helps to instil a sense of balance and perspective to life. Times, Sunday Times (2007)We hope to instil some pride back in this jersey. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The blame lies with the officers who failed to instil discipline into these recruits. The Sun (2007)It would give more time to overcome the fear and to instil deeper understanding. Times, Sunday Times (2012)How does he discipline and instil values? Times, Sunday Times (2015)Let us get a victory and that will instil confidence in the team. The Sun (2009)Control capital expenditure and instil capital discipline. Times, Sunday Times (2015)All of this is helping to instil confidence in investors. Times, Sunday Times (2015)But his calm manner and lack of ego has helped him instil discipline into his squad. The Sun (2010)It makes me feel that our parents must have done something to instil such confidence in us from a young age. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The first was the urgent need to instil commercial confidence in an organisation that has lost its way because of political interference. Times, Sunday Times (2009)He unleashed a campaign against corruption, using it to sideline rivals and instil fear in the bureaucracy. Times, Sunday Times (2015)I try to instil a little fear. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They were quality players but didn't have sufficient bond as a team to instil any fear in us. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Try a more extreme sport than golf - or look at voluntary work to provide challenging goals that will instil a sense of purpose. The Sun (2014)The narrative moves back and forth between the two eras, undermining the deadly seriousness of the former and attempting to instil some sense in the latter. The Times Literary Supplement (2014)If our police forces are to retain the public's trust, they need better men and women to instil a sense of moral integrity. Times, Sunday Times (2012)

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Inglés británico: instil VERB
If you instil an idea or feeling in someone, especially over a period of time, you make them think it or feel it.
They hope that their work will instil a sense of responsibility in children.


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