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Sinónimos de "penetration"
Sinónimos de "penetration"
Definición en español de "penetration"
Definición en español de "penetration"
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Definición en francés de "penetration"
Definición en francés de "penetration"
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His pace and penetration caused them a bit of bother. The Sun (2010)With patience and understanding, he has recovered his pace and penetration. Times, Sunday Times (2015)It was also less likely to flatten on impact, increasing its powers of penetration. Andy Dougan THE HUNTING OF MAN (2004)But elsewhere we needed more individuality, deeper penetration. Times, Sunday Times (2008)When he saw internet penetration growing, he sniffed opportunity. Times, Sunday Times (2007)When it was discovered that the enemy penetration was deeper than at first thought, the brigade was switched to a defensive blocking position. Times, Sunday Times (2008)THEIR bowling had more pace and penetration, their catching was better and their batsmen showed patience. The Sun (2012)Wolves were dizzy with the pace, penetration and confidence of the visitors' play. The Sun (2012)The rising penetration of high-speed internet has fuelled that growth, as users share pictures and files. Times, Sunday Times (2006) Internet penetration runs at just under 76% of the 8m population. Times, Sunday Times (2010)

Sinónimos de penetration

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