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Sinónimos de "shout"
Sinónimos de "shout"
Definición en español de "shout"
Definición en español de "shout"
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Definición en francés de "shout"
Definición en francés de "shout"
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Ejemplos de frases que contienen shout

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Trying to topple governments by shouting insults is also great fun. Times, Sunday Times (2006)That made the deceased angry and he shouted at the appellant. Times, Sunday Times (2013) One worth shouting from the rooftops for. The Sun (2012)It turned out that shouting is what he had in mind. Christianity Today (2000)He shouted for the radio to be switched off. Aldiss, Brian Somewhere East of Life (1994)They were walking away when the woman shouted something and they went back to finish him off. The Sun (2010)And then the radios crackle into life and we hear shouted commands. Times, Sunday Times (2014)They used to argue a lot and shout really loud and my mind used to go racing. Times, Sunday Times (2006) One shouting parent often leads to stress and conflict with the other. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Then shouts something at the watching cameras. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Sadly here you need to shout louder and not put up an essay right inside the door. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Senior officers had to shout to make themselves heard. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Can you also shout abuse at police horses and get away with it? The Sun (2011)He had his finger on the trigger and they were shouting and getting angry. The Sun (2006)Up on the fort Steel saw officers begin to shout commands. Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007)But surely there's some crying and shouting when behind closed doors? The Sun (2010) One soldier shouted out of a window'Hey! Times, Sunday Times (2013)One said: 'I was shouting at the radio. Times, Sunday Times (2013)

Sinónimos de shout

cry (out), call (out), yell, scream

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Tendencias de shout

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Traducciones de shout

Inglés británico: shout /ʃaʊt/ NOUN
A shout is the noise made when someone speaks very loudly.
The decision was greeted with shouts of protest from opposition MPs.
  • Inglés americano: shout
  • Árabe: صَيْحَة
  • Portugués brasileño: grito
  • Chino: 喊叫声
  • Croata: povik
  • Checo: výkřik
  • Danés: råb
  • Holandés: schreeuw
  • Español europeo: grito
  • Finlandés: huuto
  • Francés: cri
  • Alemán: Ruf
  • Griego: κραυγή
  • Italiano: grido
  • Japonés: 叫び
  • Coreano: 고함
  • Noruego: rop
  • Polaco: okrzyk
  • Portugués: grito
  • Rumano: strigăt
  • Ruso: возглас
  • Español: grito
  • Sueco: rop
  • Tailandés: การตะโกน
  • Turco: bağırtı
  • Ucraniano: крик
  • Vietnamita: tiếng hét
Inglés británico: shout /ʃaʊt/ VERB
If you shout, you say something very loudly, usually because you want people a long distance away to hear you or because you are angry.
He had to shout to make himself heard above the wind.
Andrew rushed out of the house, shouting for help.
  • Inglés americano: shout
  • Árabe: يَصِيح
  • Portugués brasileño: gritar
  • Chino: 喊叫
  • Croata: vikati
  • Checo: křičet
  • Danés: råbe
  • Holandés: schreeuwen
  • Español europeo: gritar
  • Finlandés: huutaa
  • Francés: crier
  • Alemán: schreien
  • Griego: φωνάζω
  • Italiano: gridare
  • Japonés: 叫ぶ
  • Coreano: 소리치다
  • Noruego: rope
  • Polaco: krzyknąć
  • Portugués: gritar
  • Rumano: a striga
  • Ruso: кричать
  • Español: gritar
  • Sueco: ropa
  • Tailandés: ตะโกน
  • Turco: bağırmak
  • Ucraniano: кричати
  • Vietnamita: hét


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