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Definición en español de "staging"
Definición en español de "staging"
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Their staging agreements are cloaked in secrecy and the rest of us have had a raw deal. Times, Sunday Times (2008)You sense that he sees the squad almost as a staging post. Times, Sunday Times (2008)This was the last staging post on the road. Grenville, J. A. S. The Collins History of the World in the 20th Century (1994)It is not for us to be a staging post for other racecourses. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Around half are using it as a staging post on their way to Europe. The Sun (2008)No damage was done to the outfield or the pitch at Taunton by the staging of a concert last week. Times, Sunday Times (2006)We were now herded to a new staging post (Sumatra? Times, Sunday Times (2015)Yesterday's spending round was only a staging post on an austere Journey that will last for years to come. Times, Sunday Times (2013)

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