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Definición en español de "whist drive"
Definición en español de "whist drive"
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Ejemplos de frases que contienen whist drive

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A senior citizen could get through it at a church whist-drive. Times, Sunday Times (2010)They took him to a whist drive at their church hall. Times, Sunday Times (2018)I'm not clear what it thinks it is instead - a keep-fit club, maybe, or a whist drive for the elderly. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Funeral, wedding, bar mitzvah and the local whist drive: the reliable tie is the one piece of investment cloth that works for every occasion. Times, Sunday Times (2013)As 'a novelist desperately turned social historian', he tours factories and goes to public meetings, fairs, football matches, whist drives and regimental reunions. Times, Sunday Times (2009)

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Uso infrecuente. whist drive se encuentra dentro del 50% menor de las palabras más comunes del Diccionario Collins.

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