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'alphabet: terms relating to alphabets'

Cyrillicthe alphabet derived from that of the Greeks, supposedly by Saint Cyril, for the writing of Slavonic languages: now used primarily for Russian, Bulgarian, and Serbian hiraganaone of the Japanese systems of syllabic writing based on Chinese cursive ideograms. The more widely used of the two current systems, it is employed in newspapers and general literature. kanathe Japanese syllabary, which consists of two written varieties.kanjia Japanese writing system using characters mainly derived from Chinese ideogramskatakanaone of the two systems of syllabic writing employed for the representation of Japanese, based on Chinese ideograms. It is used mainly for foreign or foreign-derived wordsKufic or Cufican early form of the Arabic alphabet employed in making copies of the Koran Latinthe language of ancient Rome and the Roman Empire and of the educated in medieval Europe, which achieved its classical form during the 1st century bc. Having originally been the language of Latium, belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European family, it later formed the basis of the Romance group lexigraphya system of writing in which each word is represented by a signLinear Aa hitherto undeciphered script, partly syllabic and partly ideographic, found on tablets and pottery in Crete and dating mainly from the 15th century bcLinear Ban ancient system of writing, apparently a modified form of Linear A, found on clay tablets and jars of the second millennium bc.The earliest excavated examples, dating from about 1400, came from Knossos, in Crete, but all the later finds are at Pylos and Mycenae on the Greek mainland, dating from the 14th–12th centuries. The script is generally accepted as being an early representation of Mycenaean Greek logogram or logographa single symbol representing an entire morpheme, word, or phrase, as for example the symbol (%) meaning per cent Nagaria set of scripts, including Devanagari, used as the writing systems for several languages of India ▷ See alphabet

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