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'clothes: articles of clothing'

aprona protective or sometimes decorative or ceremonial garment worn over the front of the body and tied around the waist baldrica wide silk sash or leather belt worn over the right shoulder to the left hip for carrying a sword, etc basquea short extension below the waist to the bodice of a woman's jacket, etc bathing suita garment worn for bathing, esp an old-fashioned one that covers much of the body bathrobea dressing gown bib and bracebikiniblousea woman's shirtlike garment made of cotton, nylon, etc bodya woman's close-fitting one-piece garment for the torso body stockinga one-piece undergarment for women, usually of nylon, covering the torso bodysuita one-piece undergarment for a baby bouboubraces or (U.S.) suspendersbustiercardigan or (informal) cardie or cardya knitted jacket or sweater with buttons up the front chapeauchaps, chaparajos, or chaparejosleather overalls without a seat, worn by cowboys chaussesa tight-fitting medieval garment covering the feet and legs, usually made of chain mail chuddah, chuddar, chudder, or chadora large shawl or veil worn by Muslim or Hindu women that covers them from head to foot cilicecoatan outdoor garment with sleeves, covering the body from the shoulder to waist, knee, or foot coateea short coat, esp for a baby codpiecea bag covering the male genitals, attached to hose or breeches by laces, etc, worn in the 15th and 16th centuries cummerbund or kummerbunda wide sash, worn with a dinner jacket dolmana long Turkish outer robe dressa one-piece garment for a woman, consisting of a skirt and bodice dressing gowna full robe worn before dressing or for lounging dungareesa suit of workman's overalls made of this material consisting of trousers with a bib attached frocka girl's or woman's dress galluses (dialect)gambesongartera band, usually of elastic, worn round the arm or leg to hold up a shirtsleeve, sock, or stocking gileta waist- or hip-length garment, usually sleeveless, fastening up the front; sometimes made from a quilted fabric, and designed to be worn over a blouse, shirt, etc glovegownany of various outer garments, such as a woman's elegant or formal dress, a dressing robe, or a protective garment, esp one worn by surgeons during operations haikan Arab's outer garment of cotton, wool, or silk, for the head and body halterhauberka long coat of mail, often sleeveless hosestockings, socks, and tights collectively housecoatjacketa short coat, esp one that is hip-length and has a front opening and sleeves jerkina sleeveless and collarless short jacket worn by men or women jerseya machine-knitted slightly elastic cloth of wool, silk, nylon, etc, used for clothing jubbahjumpera knitted or crocheted garment covering the upper part of the body jump suita one-piece garment of combined trousers and jacket or shirt jupona short close-fitting sleeveless padded garment, used in the late 14th and early 15th centuries with armour kaftan or caftana long coatlike garment, usually worn with a belt and made of rich fabric, worn in the East kameeza long tunic worn in the Indian subcontinent, often with shalwar kanzukarosskimonokilta knee-length pleated skirt-like garment, esp one in tartan, as worn by men in Scottish Highland dress kittelleotarda tight-fitting garment covering the body from the shoulders down to the thighs and worn by acrobats, ballet dancers, etc loincloth or breechclotha piece of cloth worn round the loins maillottights worn for ballet, gymnastics, etc manteaua cloak or mantle mantle (archaic)a loose wrap or cloak mittena glove having one section for the thumb and a single section for the other fingers muffnegligee or negligéea woman's light dressing gown, esp one that is lace-trimmed nightdress, nightgown, or (Brit. informal) nightiea loose dress worn in bed by women nightshirtoverallovercoata warm heavy coat worn over the outer clothes in cold weather overskirtoversleevepaletota woman's fitted coat often worn over a crinoline or bustle palliuma garment worn by men in ancient Greece or Rome, made by draping a large rectangular cloth about the body partletpashminaa scarf or shawl made of pashm peignoira woman's dressing gown or negligee plaidpullovera garment, esp a sweater, that is pulled on over the head pyjamas or (U.S.) pajamasloose-fitting nightclothes comprising a jacket or top and trousers robea dressing gown or bathrobe romperssashsanbenitosari or sareethe traditional dress of women of India, Pakistan, etc, consisting of a very long narrow piece of cloth elaborately swathed around the body sarongserapea blanket-like shawl often of brightly-coloured wool worn by men in Latin America shalwara pair of loose-fitting trousers tapering to a narrow fit around the ankles, worn in the Indian subcontinent, often with a kameez shawlshiftan underskirt or dress with little shaping shirta garment worn on the upper part of the body, esp by men, usually of light material and typically having a collar and sleeves and buttoning up the front shoeshortsskirta garment hanging from the waist, worn chiefly by women and girlsskivvy mainly US, slang)a man's T-shirt or vest smocka woman's loose blouse-like garment, reaching to below the waist, worn over slacks, etc socka cloth covering for the foot, reaching to between the ankle and knee and worn inside a shoe sporrana large pouch, usually of fur, worn hanging from a belt in front of the kilt in men's Scottish Highland dress surcoata tunic, often embroidered with heraldic arms, worn by a knight over his armour during the Middle Ages sweatera garment made of knitted or crocheted material covering the upper part of the body, esp a heavy one worn for warmth swimming costume or bathing costumea complete style of dressing, including all the clothes, accessories, etc, worn at one time, as in a particular country or period; dress swimming trunks or trunksthe shorts that a man wears when he goes swimming swimsuittallita white shawl with fringed corners worn over the head and shoulders by Jewish males during religious services tangaa triangular loincloth worn by indigenous peoples in tropical America tank topa sleeveless upper garment with wide shoulder straps and a low neck, usually worn over a shirt, blouse, or jumper thongtie or (U.S.) necktiea long narrow piece of material worn, esp by men, under the collar of a shirt, tied in a knot close to the throat with the ends hanging down the front tights or hosea one-piece clinging garment covering the body from the waist to the feet, worn by women in place of stockings togaa garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome, consisting of a piece of cloth draped around the body T-shirt or tee shirta lightweight simple garment for the upper body, usually short-sleeved tunicany of various hip-length or knee-length garments, such as the loose sleeveless garb worn in ancient Greece or Rome, the jacket of some soldiers, or a woman's hip-length garment, worn with a skirt or trousers undergarmentwaistcoat or (U.S. & Canad.) vesta sleeveless waist-length garment with buttons at the front, often worn under a suit jacket wrapa garment worn wrapped around the body, esp the shoulders, such as a shawl or cloak wrappera loose negligee or dressing gown, esp in the 19th century yashmak or yashmac ▷ See clothes


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