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'clothes: parts of clothes'

armholethe opening in an article of clothing through which the arm passes and to which a sleeve is often fitted armleta very short sleeve on a garment bodicethe upper part of a woman's dress, from the shoulder to the waist buttonholea slit in a garment, etc, through which a button is passed to fasten two surfaces together collarthe part of a garment around the neck and shoulders, often detachable or folded over cuffthe part of a sleeve nearest the hand, sometimes turned back and decorative dickyepaulettea piece of ornamental material on the shoulder of a garment, esp a military uniform flouncegussethemhemlinethe level to which the hem of a skirt or dress hangs; hem hoodjabotlapelthe continuation of the turned or folded back collar on a suit coat, jacket, etc legliningnecklinepatch pocketa pocket on the outside of a garment pocketa small bag or pouch in a garment for carrying small articles, money, etc seamshawl collara collar rolled back in a continuous and tapering line along the surplice neckline of a garment shoulderthe part of a garment that covers the shoulder sleevethe part of a garment covering the arm tailtrainwaistwaistlinethe intersection of the bodice and the skirt of a dress, etc, or the level of this yokea fitted part of a garment, esp around the neck, shoulders, and chest or around the hips, to which a gathered, pleated, flared, or unfitted part is attached ▷ See clothes


Lista de palabras clothes: parts of clothes de la Collins Las listas de palabras en inglés
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