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'cookery: terms used in cookery'

à la kingcooked in a cream sauce with mushrooms and green peppersà la mode(of meats) braised with vegetables in wine; (of desserts) served with ice creamantipastoa course of hors d'oeuvres in an Italian meal au gratincovered and cooked with browned breadcrumbs and sometimes cheeseau jus(of meat) served in its own gravyau laitprepared or served with milkau natureluncooked or plainly cookedbaketo cook by dry heat in or as if in an ovenbarbecue or (Austral. slang) barbieto cook (meat, fish, etc) on a grill, usually over charcoal and often with a highly seasoned sauce bard or bardea piece of larding bacon or pork fat placed on game or lean meat during roasting to prevent drying outbasteto moisten (meat) during cooking with hot fat and the juices producedbattera mixture of flour, eggs, and milk, used to make cakes, pancakes, etc, and to coat certain foods before frying blackenedhaving been cooked until a very dark or black colourblanchto plunge tomatoes, nuts, etc, into boiling water to loosen the skin; to plunge (meat, green vegetables, etc) in boiling water or bring to the boil in water in order to whiten, preserve the natural colour, or reduce or remove a bitter or salty tasteboilto cook or be cooked by the process of boilingboil-in-the-bag(of food) able to be boiled in a sealed bag until ready to eatbraiseto cook (meat, vegetables, etc) by lightly browning in fat and then cooking slowly in a closed pan with a small amount of liquidbrotha soup made by boiling meat, fish, vegetables, etc, in water browninga substance used to darken soups, gravies, etc caramelizeto convert or be converted into caramelcarbonadoa piece of meat, fish, etc, scored and grilledcasserolecaterera person who caters, esp one who as a profession provides food for large social events, etcchafing disha vessel with a heating apparatus beneath it, for cooking or keeping food warm at the tablechar-grilled(of meat) grilled over charcoalchasseurdesignating or cooked in a sauce consisting of white wine and mushroomschefa cook, esp the principal cook in a restaurant cobblera hot dessert made of fruit covered with a rich cakelike crustcoddlestew made from ham and bacon scraps colandera pan with a perforated bottom for straining or rinsing foodscommis(of a waiter or chef) apprenticeconfectionera person who makes or sells sweets or confectionsconsomméa clear soup made from meat or chicken stock cookto prepare (food) by the action of heat, as by boiling, baking, etc, or (of food) to become ready for eating through such a processcookbook or cookery booka book containing recipes and instructions for cookingcook-chilla method of food preparation used by caterers, in which cooked dishes are chilled rapidly and reheated as required corned(esp of beef) cooked and then preserved or pickled in salt or brine, now often cannedcreole(of a sauce or dish) containing or cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, etccuisine a style or manner of cookingcuisine minceura style of cooking, originating in France, that limits the use of starch, sugar, butter, and cream traditionally used in French cookery cured(of food) treated by salting, smoking, or drying in order to preserve itcurriedflavoured with curry powder during cookingcustarda sauce made of milk and sugar and thickened with cornflour diceto cut (food, etc) into small cubesdougha thick mixture of flour or meal and water or milk, used for making bread, pastry, etc dressinga sauce for food, esp for salad en brochette(esp of meat) roasted or grilled on a skeweren croûtewrapped in pastry and bakedentréedish served before a main courseentremetsa dessert; a light dish, formerly served at formal dinners between the main course and the dessertfajitaa Tex-Mex dish consisting of grilled strips of beef or chicken, often served wrapped in a soft tortilla with vegetable slices or a sauce farci(of food) stuffedfilleta strip of boneless meat, esp the undercut of a sirloin of beefflambécook or serve (food) in flaming brandyfloura powder, which may be either fine or coarse, prepared by sifting and grinding the meal of a grass, esp wheatfonduea Swiss dish, consisting of cheese melted in white wine or cider, into which small pieces of bread are dipped and then eatenfricasseestewed meat, esp chicken or veal, and vegetables, served in a thick white sauce frya dish of something fried, esp the offal of a specified animal fumeta strong-flavoured liquor from cooking fish, meat, or game: used to flavour sauces garnish to add something to (food) in order to improve its appearance or flavourgelatinegheebutter, clarified by boiling, used in Indian cookery gibletsthe gizzard, liver, heart, and neck of a fowlglacécrystallized or candiedglazeto cover (foods) with a shiny coating by applying beaten egg, sugar, etcgoujona small strip of fish or chicken, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-friedgoulasha rich stew, originating in Hungary, made of beef, lamb, or veal highly seasoned with paprika grateto reduce to small shreds by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surfacegravythe sauce made by thickening and flavouring such juices grillto cook (meat, fish, etc) by direct heat, as under a grill or over a hot fire, or (of meat, fish, etc) to be cooked in this wayhors d'oeuvrean additional dish served as an appetizer, usually before the main mealicea portion of ice cream icinga sugar preparation, variously flavoured and coloured, for coating and decorating cakes, biscuits, etc jardinièrea garnish of fresh vegetables, cooked, diced, and served around a dish of meat jerkto preserve (venison, beef, etc) by cutting into thin strips and curing by drying in the sunjulienne (of vegetables) cut into thin shredsknead to work and press (a soft substance, such as bread dough) into a uniform mixture with the handsladlea long-handled spoon having a deep bowl for serving or transferring liquidslardthe rendered fat from a pig, esp from the abdomen, used in cookinglardon or lardoona strip or cube of fat or bacon used in larding meatleavenany substance that produces fermentation in dough or batter, such as yeast, and causes it to rise liaisonany thickening for soups, sauces, etc, such as egg yolks or cream luaua feast of Hawaiian foodlyonnaise(of food) cooked or garnished with onions, usually friedmacedoinea hot or cold mixture of diced vegetables; a mixture of fruit served in a syrup or in jellyMarengobrowned in oil and cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, wine, etcmarinadea spiced liquid mixture of oil, wine, vinegar, herbs, etc, in which meat or fish is soaked before cookingmarinateto soak in marinademarmitea large cooking pot maska protective covering for the face worn for fencing, ice hockey, etc mashto beat or crush into a mashmédaillons or medallionssmall round thin pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, etcmeunière(of fish) dredged with flour, fried in butter, and served with butter, lemon juice, and parsleymezea type of hors d'oeuvre eaten esp with an apéritif or other drink in Greece and the Near East mirepoixa mixture of sautéed root vegetables used as a base for braising meat or for various sauces mornaydenoting a cheese sauce used in several dishesNewburg(of shellfish, esp lobster) cooked in a rich sauce of butter, cream, sherry, and egg yolksnouvelle cuisinea style of preparing and presenting food, often raw or only lightly cooked, with light sauces, and unusual combinations of flavours and garnishes offalthe edible internal parts of an animal, such as the heart, liver, and tongueoven-ready(of various foods) bought already prepared so that they are ready to be cooked in the ovenpanadaa mixture of flour, water, etc, or of breadcrumbs soaked in milk, used as a thickening parboilto boil until partially cooked, often before further cookingParmentier(of soups, etc) containing or garnished with potatoespastea preparation of food, such as meat, that has been powdered to a creamy mass, for spreading on bread, crackers, etc poachto simmer (eggs, fish, etc) very gently in water, milk, stock, etcpotageany thick soup Provençale(of dishes) prepared with garlic, oil, and often tomatoespuréea smooth thick pulp of cooked and sieved fruit, vegetables, meat, or fishragouta richly seasoned stew of meat or poultry and vegetables rijsttafelan Indonesian food consisting of a selection of rice dishes to which are added small pieces of a variety of other foods, such as meat, fish, fruit, pickles, and curryriseto swell uprissolea mixture of minced cooked meat coated in egg and breadcrumbs and friedroastto cook (meat or other food) by dry heat, usually with added fat and esp in an ovenrouladea slice of meat rolled, esp around a stuffing, and cookedrouxa mixture of equal amounts of fat and flour, heated, blended, and used as a basis for sauces royal icinga hard white icing made from egg whites and icing sugar, used for coating and decorating cakes, esp fruit cakes salpicona mixture of chopped fish, meat, or vegetables in a sauce, used as fillings for croquettes, pastries, etc sauceany liquid or semiliquid preparation eaten with food to enhance its flavoursautéa dish of sautéed food, esp meat that is browned and then cooked in a sauce scrambleto cook (eggs that have been whisked up with milk and seasoning) in a pan containing a little melted butterseasonto add herbs, salt, pepper, or spice to (food)silver service(in restaurants) a style of serving food using a spoon and fork in one hand like a pair of tongssippeta small piece of something, esp a piece of toast or fried bread eaten with soup or gravy smoked(of meat, fish, cheese, etc) cured by treating with smokesoupa liquid food made by boiling or simmering meat, fish, vegetables, etc, usually served hot at the beginning of a mealsteamto cook or be cooked in steamstewa public room for hot steam baths stocka liquid or broth in which meat, fish, bones, or vegetables have been simmered for a long time stroganoffa dish of thin strips of beef cooked with onions, mushrooms, and seasonings, served in a sour-cream saucesupremea rich velouté sauce made with a base of veal or chicken stock, with cream or egg yolks addedsweatto heat (food, esp vegetables) slowly in butter in a tightly closed saucepansweet-and-sour(of food) cooked in a sauce made from sugar and vinegar and other ingredientstandoorian Indian method of cooking meat or vegetables on a spit in a tandoortenderizeto make (meat) tender by pounding it to break down the fibres, by steeping it in a marinade, or by treating it with a tenderizerteriyakibasted with soy sauce and rice wine and grilled over an open firetikka(of meat, esp chicken or lamb) marinated in spices then dry-roasted, usually in a clay oventimbalea mixture of meat, fish, etc, in a rich sauce, cooked in a mould lined with potato or pastry toppingsomething that tops something else, esp a sauce or garnish for food undressed(of food, esp salad) not prepared with sauce or dressingunleavened(of bread, biscuits, etc) made from a dough containing no yeast or leaveningunsmoked(of meat, fish, etc) not hung over burning wood to preserve or flavour itwhipany of a variety of desserts made from egg whites or cream beaten stiff, sweetened, and flavoured with fruit, fruit juice, etc wholemeal or (chiefly U.S. and Canad.) wholewheat(of flour, bread, etc) made from the entire wheat kernelwholemeal flour or (chiefly U.S. and Canad.) Graham flouryeasta commercial preparation containing yeast cells and inert material such as meal, used in raising dough for bread or for fermenting beer, whisky, etc ▷ See cookery


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