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'drink: alcoholic drinks'

apéritifan alcoholic drink, esp a wine, drunk before a meal to whet the appetite buseraa Ugandan alcoholic drink made from millet: sometimes mixed with honey Campari(trademark)a bitter Italian aperitif, often mixed with soda water as a drinkchasera drink drunk after another of a different kind, as beer after spiritscider, cyder, or (U.S. & Canad.) hard cideran alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of apples caudle a hot spiced wine drink made with gruel, formerly used medicinallyCinzano(trademark)an Italian vermouth cocktailany mixed drink with a spirit base, usually drunk before mealscordiala drink with a fruit base, usually sold in concentrated form and diluted with water before being drunkdrama small amount of an alcoholic drink, esp a spirit; tot Dubonnet(trademark)a sweet usually red apéritif wine flavoured with quinine and cinchona elderberry winefrappéa drink consisting of a liqueur, etc, poured over crushed ice French vermoutha dry aromatic white wineginger winean alcoholic drink made from fermented bruised ginger, sugar, and water glogga hot alcoholic mixed drink, originally from Sweden, consisting of sweetened brandy, red wine, bitters or other flavourings, and blanched almonds gluhweinmulled wine grogdiluted spirit, usually rum, as an alcoholic drink hippocrasan old English drink of wine flavoured with spicesIrish coffee or Gaelic coffeehot coffee mixed with Irish whiskey and topped with double creamItalian vermouthsweet vermouth kvass, kvas, or quassan alcoholic drink of low strength made in Russia and E Europe from cereals and stale bread liqueurany of several highly flavoured sweetened spirits such as kirsch or cointreau, intended to be drunk after a meal malt liquorany alcoholic drink brewed from malt Martini(trademark)an Italian vermouth meadan alcoholic drink made by fermenting a solution of honey, often with spices added mulled winewine heated with sugar and spices, often served at Christmasnegusa hot drink of port and lemon juice, usually spiced and sweetened nor'westera drink of strong liquorpalm wine(esp in W Africa) the sap drawn from the palm tree, esp when allowed to fermentposseta drink of hot milk curdled with ale, beer, etc, flavoured with spices, formerly used as a remedy for colds pousse-caféa drink of liqueurs of different colours in unmixed layers pulquea light alcoholic drink from Mexico made from the juice of various agave plants, esp the maguey sake, saké, saki, or rice winea Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice samshuan alcoholic drink from China that is made from fermented rice and resembles sake shooterskokiaan(in South Africa) a potent alcoholic beverage drunk by Black Africans in shebeens slammersnakebitea drink of cider and lagersomaan intoxicating plant juice drink used in Vedic ritualsspruce beeran alcoholic drink made of fermented molasses flavoured with spruce twigs and cones toddy(in Malaysia) a milky-white sour alcoholic drink made from fermented coconut milk, drunk chiefly by Indians vermouth any of several wines containing aromatic herbs and some other flavouringswaragia Ugandan alcoholic drink made from bananas ▷ See drink


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