अंग्रेजी कोश

snobbish के समानार्थी

I'd expected her to be snobbish but she was warm and friendly.
Finch gave a superior smile.
an air of arrogant indifference
stuck-up (informal)
She was a famous actress but she wasn't a bit stuck-up.
a patronizing attitude to the homeless
I'm fed up with your condescending attitude.
snooty (informal)
snooty intellectuals
He talked a lot of pretentious twaddle about modern art.
uppity (informal)
high and mighty (informal)
I think you're a bit too high and mighty yourself.
toffee-nosed (slang, mainly British)
hoity-toity (informal)
My auntie up from the south was trying to be all hoity-toity.
high-hat (informal, mainly US)
uppish (British, informal)
, ,
down to earth
, , , ,
without airs

अतिरिक्त समानार्थी शब्द

in the sense of arrogant
having an exaggerated opinion of one's own importance or ability
an air of arrogant indifference
stuck up (informal),
high and mighty (informal),
bigheaded (informal),
uppish (British, informal),
too big for your boots or breeches
in the sense of condescending
I'm fed up with your condescending attitude.
snooty (informal),
toffee-nosed (slang, British),
on your high horse (informal)
in the sense of high and mighty
too confident and full of self-importance
I think you're a bit too high and mighty yourself.

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