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You can get on the fast break and make something happen. Houston Chronicle (2010)A fast break would put her in with a chance. The Sun (2014)But a fast break would surely see him clear initial trouble. The Sun (2011)A fast break would put him in with a very serious chance. The Sun (2016)The only team to post double-digit fast break points? Houston Chronicle (2002)Won semi in 28.94 and loves the rails, so a fast break is crucial. The Sun (2011)In the five-game road trip, they scored just 17 fast-break points. Houston Chronicle (2003)He must recapture his alertness and a fast break would go a long way to putting him in the final. The Sun (2012)A similar fast break her should set her up for another trap-to- line success in the 9.24. The Sun (2016)Where is the fast break? Houston Chronicle (2001)

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