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Yes indeed, not a skull but a giant puffball. Times, Sunday Times (2017)One of the more easily recognised mushrooms - though, sadly, not one you'll find that frequently - is the giant puffball. Times, Sunday Times (2008)There were four of them: the great mycological tour de force known as the giant puffball. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Giant puffballs have been mistaken for skulls, the police called out to investigate. Times, Sunday Times (2010)I've just found two giant puffballs on the lawn. The Sun (2013)Giant puffballs can be seen in grassy places, often growing among stinging nettles. Times, Sunday Times (2013)We used to get loads of giant puffballs on the farm - delicious sliced, dipped in egg and fried. The Sun (2011)

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