go into overdrive की परिभाषा

go into overdrive युक्त उदाहरण वाक्य

ये उदाहरण स्वचालित रूप से चुने गए हैं और इसमें संवेदनशील सामग्री हो सकती है अधिक पढ़ें…
However, consolidation in the sector is likely to go into overdrive. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Second, you might have vasomotor rhinitis - when the mucus-producing glands go into overdrive. The Sun (2013)When night falls, the gas-fired plants go into overdrive to pick up the slack. Times, Sunday Times (2018)When he hangs up his boots, the hyperbole will go into overdrive. Times, Sunday Times (2013)My abdominal muscles go into overdrive and my punch is more powerful. Times, Sunday Times (2016)When you're anxious, you tend to go into overdrive, refining existing arrangements and making plans. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Nerve agents block the enzyme that breaks it down, meaning that it lingers in the body and these basic bodily functions go into overdrive. Times, Sunday Times (2018)However, they had to go into overdrive after waves of seaborne migrants tried to land along the country's vast coastline. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Once you were at the top and easing off, the wipers would go into overdrive, perhaps making up for the time they had stopped. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Alongside this, the body can go into overdrive; our muscles tense, our heart rate and breathing quicken. Times, Sunday Times (2015)

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