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goaltender की छवि

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The goaltender is a big part of it. Globe and Mail (2010)No goaltender can fire a pass out of his zone like him. Globe and Mail (2003)You need a great goaltender and you need to stay healthy. Globe and Mail (2003)You think a goaltender could play with no mask today? Globe and Mail (2003)I always thought if they run your goaltender, you run theirs. Globe and Mail (2003)You feel better as a goaltender when you've got a lead and can hold it. Globe and Mail (2003)In his first press conference as owner he referred to the goalkeeper as a goaltender and called defenders defencemen. Times, Sunday Times (2008)He's not a guy who's going to be waiting for the puck, he's a proactive goaltender. Globe and Mail (2003)

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