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की हिंदी परिभाषा "grandad"
की हिंदी परिभाषा "grandad"
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Pronunciation Playlists
आज का शब्द : daric
आज का शब्द : daric
की स्पेनिश परिभाषा "grandad"
की स्पेनिश परिभाषा "grandad"
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grandad युक्त उदाहरण वाक्य

ये उदाहरण स्वचालित रूप से चुने गए हैं और इसमें संवेदनशील सामग्री हो सकती है अधिक पढ़ें…
My dad and grandad took me there as a youngster. The Sun (2016)Having my dad and my grandad to help has been fantastic. The Sun (2016)My mum's not here and my grandad died just before I was born. The Sun (2016)He learnt to deal with the local bullies by performing tricks his great grandad had taught him. The Sun (2007)My nan and grandad stayed in the caravan next door. Times, Sunday Times (2015)He had no doubts before his grandad died. The Sun (2006)Well done to mum, dad and grandad. The Sun (2015)And within 15 minutes they were calling me grandad. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Soon he's to become a grandad for the first time. The Sun (2007)This one is for my dad and grandad, and my phone bill will be huge. Times, Sunday Times (2013)They're like my nan and grandad. The Sun (2013)My dad and my grandad supported Brighton before me. The Sun (2009)My nan and grandad didn't understand. The Sun (2013)Her nan, grandad and aunt were there too. The Sun (2016)She should have been given the weekend off for her grandad, who died earlier in the week. The Sun (2011)I get called grandad and all sorts and it makes you feel a bit old. The Sun (2009)He held my hand all the way through my problems and he was there for me when my grandad died last October. The Sun (2013)I think she'll be a good sprinter like her dad and grandad. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Then my mum filed for divorce when I was eight and my grandad died at around the same time. The Sun (2011)The 26-year-old American inherited the third generation name used by his dad and grandad. The Sun (2012)Her grandad died aged 84, after ten years with the condition. The Sun (2014)And it's all the more affecting for being a family affair, with dad and grandad in charge. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Now I just call him Grandad. The Sun (2013)They have a two-year-old daughter who calls me grandad but his girlfriend has told me she's not happy with him and has just got used to him. The Sun (2012)

grandad का प्रचलन

कम इस्तेमाल होने वाला। grandad कोलिन्स शब्दकोश में आमतौर पर इस्तेमाल किये जाने वाले 50% शब्दों में है

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