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You sent another set of certified identity documents, plus the grant of probate. Times, Sunday Times (2017)What is a grant of probate or letter of administration? Times, Sunday Times (2018)We have not yet received our grant of probate. Times, Sunday Times (2017)The executors of both estates had letters demanding payment and threatening court action almost before the ink was dry on the grant of probate. The Sun (2015)Payment is usually made after grant of probate, but the insurance company may pay out a limited sum on evidence of death. Times, Sunday Times (2008)A grant of probate was filed with courts there, a process that only happens with a minimum of 10,000 assets. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It pointed out that it is industry standard for financial institutions to require grant of probate where large sums of money are involved. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Therefore, before we can apply for grant of probate we have had to deal with final accounts for his clients. Times, Sunday Times (2011)All those named as executors in the will can apply jointly for grant of probate on an estate. Times, Sunday Times (2017)After his death, the second defendant, his former wife, and the first defendant, her son, produced a will and obtained a grant of probate. Times, Sunday Times (2007)


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