snow cover की परिभाषा

snow cover युक्त उदाहरण वाक्य

ये उदाहरण स्वचालित रूप से चुने गए हैं और इसमें संवेदनशील सामग्री हो सकती है अधिक पढ़ें…
Many resorts are already open, with good snow cover across the high-altitude ones. The Sun (2017)Snow cover in the northern hemisphere was also exceptionally low last month. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The way melt is controlled is by the removal of snow cover to expose glacier ice. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Its strategy is to build a portfolio of very high-altitude resorts with more or less guaranteed snow cover. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The whiteness reflects heat back into space, and snow cover in winter is vital for the climate. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Arctic sea ice, glaciers and winter snow cover in the northern hemisphere was in decline. The Sun (2010)The snow cover lasts for 30 fewer days per year, and the snowpack is 50 to 60 per cent thinner. Times, Sunday Times (2012)In many resorts in the region the snow cover was the worst for 20 years, he added. Times, Sunday Times (2017)

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