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so much so युक्त उदाहरण वाक्य

ये उदाहरण स्वचालित रूप से चुने गए हैं और इसमें संवेदनशील सामग्री हो सकती है अधिक पढ़ें…
So much so that there is a threat to the cork oak forests of Portugal. The Sun (2009)The ballet is a continuous outpouring of dance - so much so that it can challenge the digestion. Times, Sunday Times (2011)So much so that the text speak we used just a few years ago is scorned by today's youngsters. The Sun (2015)So much so that it becomes hard for them to leave the church because of these family, social and business ties. Times, Sunday Times (2013)So much so that, on an individual basis, managing danger is a fact of life. Stanko, Elizabeth Everyday Violence (1990)But I enjoyed having control over the end result - so much so my practice now offers design and build. Times, Sunday Times (2006)
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