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'aviation: terms used in aviation'

aerobaticsspectacular or dangerous manoeuvres, such as loops or rolls, performed in an aircraft or glider; stunt flying air corridorair missairsideairspeedair-traffic controlanhedralapproach or approach paththe course followed by an aircraft preparing for landing attitudeautomatic pilot or autopilotautorotationbankbarrel rolla flight manoeuvre in which an aircraft rolls about its longitudinal axis while following a spiral course in line with the direction of flight batsmana person on the ground who uses bats to guide the pilot of an aircraft when taxiing belly landingthe landing of an aircraft on its fuselage without use of its landing gear bird strikeboarding passbuntceilingchandellecharter flightclearwayan area at the end of a runway over which an aircraft taking off makes its initial climb: it is under the control of the airport contact flighta flight in which the pilot remains in sight of land or water copilota second or relief pilot of an aircraft crabcrash divecrash-landcruisedihedralditcha bank made of earth excavated from and placed alongside a drain or stream divedroguea small parachute released behind a jet aircraft to reduce its landing speed featherflameoutflight management systemsflight pathfly-by-wiregateglidegroundspeedhead-up displaythe projection of readings from instruments onto a windscreen, enabling an aircraft pilot or car driver to see them without looking down holding patternhuntImmelmann turn or Immelmannan aircraft manoeuvre used to gain height while reversing the direction of flight. It consists of a half loop followed by a half roll in-flightlandinglandsideloadingloopMachnavigatoran instrument or device for assisting a pilot to navigate an aircraft nose diveoverflyovershootpancake landingpilotpitch(of a missile, aircraft, etc) to deviate from a stable flight attitude by movement of the longitudinal axis about the lateral axis pitch axispower divea steep dive by an aircraft with its engines at high power rakeredeye or redeye flightreheatroll(of a vessel, aircraft, rocket, etc) to turn from side to side around the longitudinal axisroll axisrunwaySBA or standard beam approachscheduled flightshockstallsideslipa sideways and downward movement towards the inside of a turn by an aircraft in a sharp bank snap rolla manoeuvre in which an aircraft makes a fast roll sonic booma loud explosive sound caused by the shock wave of an aircraft, etc, travelling at supersonic speed sound barrierspinstackstallsubsonicsupersonictailspintakeofftaxitaxiwaya marked path along which aircraft taxi to or from a runway, parking area, etc trimthe attitude of an aircraft in flight when the pilot allows the main control surfaces to take up their own positions undershootvapour trailvictory rolla roll of an aircraft made by a pilot to announce or celebrate the shooting down of an enemy plane or other cause for celebration wide-bodywingoveryawyaw axis ▷ See aviation


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