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'computer: parts of a computer'

analogue-digital convertera device converting an analogue electrical signal into a digital representation so that it can be processed by a digital systemarithmetic logic unit or ALUthe part of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations BIOSBasic Input Output System: the built-in software which controls the primary functions of a PCcartridgea removable unit in a computer, such as an integrated circuit, containing software caseCD-rewriterCD-Rom drivea device on a computer that plays CD-ROMscentral processing unit or CPUthe part of a computer that performs logical and arithmetical operations on the data as specified in the instructions chipa tiny wafer of semiconductor material, such as silicon, processed to form a type of integrated circuit or component such as a transistor coaxial cablea cable consisting of an inner insulated core of stranded or solid wire surrounded by an outer insulated flexible wire braid, used esp as a transmission line for radio-frequency signalscontrol keya key on the keyboard of a computer that is used in conjunction with the standard keys in order to initiate a specific function, such as editing daisywheela component of a computer printer in the shape of a wheel with many spokes that prints characters using a disk with characters around the circumference as the print element DDR-RAMdigital audio playerdigital cameraa camera that produces digital images that can be stored in a computer, displayed on a screen and printed digitizerDIMMdiska direct-access storage device consisting of a stack of plates coated with a magnetic layer, the whole assembly rotating rapidly as a single unit. Each surface has a read-write head that can move radially to read or write data on concentric tracksdisk drivethe controller and mechanism for reading and writing data on computer disks disk unitdonglea small device able to be connected to a computer, esp to allow access to wireless broadbandDRAMdynamic random access memory: a widely used type of random access memory; a chip containing such memory DVD readerDVD writera device on a computer for writing DVDs emulatorsoftware or hardware that allows one computer to perform the functions of, or execute programs designed for, another type of computer encoderflatbed scannera computer-controlled device which electronically scans images placed on its flat plate, allowing them to be stored in digital form floppy diska flexible removable magnetic disk that stores information and can be used to store data for use in a microprocessor games consolean electronic device used in playing computer games on the screen of a television to which it is connected graphics carda printed circuit board that controls what appears on a computer screen hard drive(on a computer) the mechanism that handles the reading, writing, and storage of data on the hard disk integrated circuita very small electronic circuit consisting of an assembly of elements made from a chip of semiconducting material, such as crystalline silicon interfacean electrical circuit linking one device, esp a computer, with another joysticka lever by means of which the display on a screen may be controlled, used esp for games, flight simulators, etc keyboarda complete set of keys, usually hand-operated, as on a piano, organ, computer, typewriter, or typesetting machine laser printera quiet high-quality computer printer that uses a laser beam shining on a photoconductive drum to produce characters, which are then transferred to paper LCD panelline printeran electromechanical device that prints a line of characters at a time rather than a character at a time, at speeds from about 200 to 3000 lines per minute: used in printing and in computer systems magnetic tape unit or MTUa computer device that moves reels of magnetic tape past read-write heads so that data can be transferred to or from the computer memorya part of a computer in which information is stored for immediate use by the central processing unit microprocessora single integrated circuit performing the basic functions of the central processing unit in a small computer modema device for connecting two computers by a telephone line, consisting of a modulator that converts computer signals into audio signals and a corresponding demodulator monitorthe unit in a desk computer that contains the screen motherboard(in an electronic system) a printed circuit board through which signals between all other boards are routed mousea handheld device used to control the cursor movement and select computing functions without keyingMP3 playera small portable digital audio player capable of storing MP3 files downloaded from the internet or transferred from a CD multiplexera device that enables the simultaneous transmission of several messages or signals over one communications channeloptical character readera computer peripheral device enabling letters, numbers, or other characters usually printed on paper to be optically scanned and input to a storage device, such as magnetic tape. The device uses the process of optical character recognition optical diskan inflexible disc on which information is stored in digital form by laser technologyoptical scannera computer peripheral device enabling printed material, including characters and diagrams, to be scanned and converted into a form that can be stored in a computer port(esp in Queensland) a suitcase or school case printed circuit boardan electronic circuit in which certain components and the connections between them are formed by etching a metallic coating or by electrodeposition on one or both sides of a thin insulating boardprinteran output device for printing results on paperprocessoranother name for central processing unitscannerany of various devices used in medical diagnosis to obtain an image of an internal organ or part screenSDRAMSIMMsingle in-line memory module: a type of circuit board in a computer that adds memorysoundcarda printed circuit board inserted into a computer, enabling the output and manipulation of soundspeakertrackballa device consisting of a small ball, mounted in a cup, which can be rotated to move the cursor around the screen transistorUSB porta type of serial port for connecting peripheral devices in a system visual display unit or VDUa device with a screen that displays characters or graphics representing data in a computer memory. It usually has a keyboard or light pen for the input of information or inquiries webcama camera that transmits still or moving images over the internet ▷ See computer


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