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  1. (= 神志恢复) come to (pt came) (pp come)
    ⇒ 车祸后很久他才醒过来。 (Chēhuò hòu hěn jiǔ tā cái xǐng guòlái.) After the car crash it took him a long time to come to.
    ⇒ 她还酒醉未醒。 (Tā hái jiǔzuì wèi xǐng.) She still hasn't sobered up.
  2. (= 睡醒) wake up (pt woke) (pp woken)
    ⇒ 惊醒 (jīngxǐng) wake up with a start
  3. (= 醒悟) become aware (pt became) (pp become)
    ⇒ 提醒 (tíxǐng) remind

  1. eye-catching

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