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  1. (business) marca
  2. (on cattle, prisoner) marchio
    a famous brand una marca famosa
    brand loyalty fedeltà a un marchio

transitive verb

  1. (cattle) (also figurative, person) marchiare
    his name is branded on my memory il suo nome è impresso indelebilmente nella mia memoria
    he was branded (as) a traitor (figurative, pejorative) fu tacciato di tradimento

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Esempi di frasi che includono brand

Questi esempi sono stati selezionati automaticamente e possono contenere contenuti sensibili. Leggi tutto ...
Another way to make a brand distinctive is with color.
Al Ries and Laura Ries THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING (2002)
Some consumer brands also offer cinema discounts.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The only brand with an identity and a message.
Al Ries and Laura Ries THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING (2002)
They buy the brand and are interested in the best.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
This is not good news for branded manufacturers.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
His unique brand of humour will both pull on your heartstrings and make you smile.
The Sun (2015)
Surely such success in design and branding proves that album artwork still matters?
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
There used to be just one brand of sock that he was happy to wear, but they were no longer available.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
They might think twice before spreading their own particular brand of mayhem and destruction.
The Sun (2016)
Which model you go for depends on your choice of brand because all three are great value for money and all look good.
The Sun (2012)
And at least one expensive brand is thriving.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Brands tag their products in the images they post, in the same way that users tag their friends.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Far from competitors, the two delight in coming up with ideas for one another's brands.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
It might save me from the branding iron after all.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
The brand also has a cool plaid skirt and hoodie that are perfect for this season.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The brand was one of the first established beauty companies to work with bloggers.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
After 49 years of his brand of socialism, it ranks as one of the poorest in the region.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Blackpool councillors branded him a disgrace for risking public health.
The Sun (2016)
He also branded Moat a coward for leaving him to take the rap.
The Sun (2011)
It seems anyone who claims a benefit of any kind is almost branded a criminal.
The Sun (2014)
Russian police said the poor quality cheese was repackaged as leading brand products.
The Sun (2015)
The former design and branding consultant sold his house in London to raise the money and planted 20 acres of vines.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The stunned trader running the outlet insisted he had not realised what the design showed and branded it'terrifying'.
The Sun (2016)
There is also no branding or advertising.
The Sun (2014)
But it is here that football and conventional brand logic part company.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
But one familiar brand name will not be appearing.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
He reportedly sees Gloucester as a vehicle to help spread his company 's brand.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Many creeds would argue that the disintegration of society is due to people ignoring the message of their particular brand.
Crowley, Vivianne Phoenix From the Flame (1994)

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brand in altre lingue

Inglese britannico: brand /brænd/ NOUN
A brand of a product is the version made by one particular manufacturer.
...another brand of cola.
  • Inglese americano: brand
  • Arabo: مارْكَة
  • Portoghese brasiliano: marca
  • Cinese: 品牌
  • Croato: marka
  • Ceco: značka
  • Danese: mærke
  • Olandese: merk
  • Spagnolo europeo: marca identificación
  • Finlandese: tuotemerkki
  • Francese: marque mode
  • Tedesco: Marke
  • Greco: μάρκα
  • Italiano: marchio
  • Giapponese: ブランド
  • Coreano: 상표
  • Norvegese: merke
  • Polacco: marka
  • Portoghese Europeo: marca
  • Romeno: marcă
  • Russo: торговая марка
  • Spagnolo: marca instrumento para señalar una cosa
  • Svedese: märke
  • Thailandese: ตรา
  • Turco: marka
  • Ucraino: марка
  • Vietnamita: nhãn hàng
Inglese britannico: brand VERB
If someone is branded as something bad, people think they are that thing.
I was instantly branded as a rebel.
  • Inglese americano: brand
  • Portoghese brasiliano: rotulado
  • Cinese: 归为
  • Spagnolo europeo: tachar de
  • Francese: cataloguer
  • Tedesco: brandmarken
  • Italiano: etichettare
  • Giapponese: 烙印 らくいん を押す
  • Coreano: 낙인을 찍다
  • Portoghese Europeo: rotulado
  • Spagnolo: tachar de


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