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    1. (personality) forte
    2. (argument) valido (‑a)

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Esempi di frasi che includono forceful

Questi esempi sono stati selezionati automaticamente e possono contenere contenuti sensibili. Leggi tutto ...
How forceful is this argument?
The Times Literary Supplement (2011)
These two are forceful characters.
The Times Literary Supplement (2014)
She still kept around her forceful reminders of all she had lost.
Deborah Cadbury THE LOST KING OF FRANCE: Revolution, Revenge and the Search for Louis XVII (2002)
He is a forceful presence, physically and in personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
He is not a forceful personality, nor a fighter.
Cockett, Richard Thinking the Unthinkable (1994)
The most forceful argument against compensation is that innocent taxpayers will end up footing the bill.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
About how she thinks she would be a better actress if she were a more flexible and less forceful personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
But it's the rational reasons that make the most forceful argument.
The Sun (2008)
He was a forceful personality and a great speaker.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
It is this kind of forceful and fearless character that intuitively knows how to play to make an audience's hair stand on end.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
She is a colourful character with a forceful personality and extremely green fingers.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
He is a figure of physical stature and a ferociously forceful personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
He was a forceful character, and a force of nature.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
He wasn't a forceful personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
People say he's a hard man and he does have a forceful personality when dealing with the team.
The Sun (2010)
Strong leadership is at the core, which comes naturally to such a forceful personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
She has a razor-sharp mind and a forceful, determined personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
They should be a forceful presence.
Times, Sunday Times (2015)
He had not lost his forceful personality.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)

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Inglese britannico: forceful ADJECTIVE
If you describe someone as forceful, you approve of them because they express their opinions and wishes in a strong, emphatic, and confident way.
He was a man of forceful character, with considerable insight and diplomatic skills.


Traduzione forceful dal Inglese a Italiano Collins
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