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sinonimi aggiuntivi

in the sense of multitude
a large number of people or things
the multitudes that surround the Pope
in the sense of muster
to call or be called together for duty or inspection
The general had mustered his troops north of the border.
round up,
call together
in the sense of number
People turned out to vote in huge numbers.
in the sense of pack
any collection of people or things
a pack of journalists who wanted to interview him
in the sense of pile
a collection of objects laid on top of one another
a pile of books
in the sense of popular
designed to appeal to a mass audience
He was overthrown by a popular uprising.
in the sense of preponderance
The preponderance of the evidence strongly supports his guilt.
greater part,
greater numbers,
in the sense of quantity
a specified or definite amount or number
a vast quantity of food
in the sense of rabble
a disorderly crowd of noisy people
a rabble of gossip columnists
in the sense of stack
a pile of things, one on top of the other
There were stacks of books on the bedside table and floor.
load (informal),
clamp (British),

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