Sinonimi inglese britannico
(verbo ) 
to fill the thoughts or mind of (someone) to the exclusion of other things
a question that continues to preoccupy the more serious papers
a second career which absorbed her more completely than acting ever had
, , ,
I had other matters to occupy me that day.
The whole nation was gripped by the dramatic story.
I was consumed by fear.
Thoughts of revenge obsessed him.
I took out a book and tried to distract myself.
Children and adults alike are enthralled by his stories.
There's something about them which engrosses the public.
become an obsession with

sinonimi aggiuntivi

in the sense of consume
to obsess
I was consumed by fear.
in the sense of distract
to amuse or entertain
I took out a book and tried to distract myself.
in the sense of engross
to occupy the attention of (someone) completely
There's something about them which engrosses the public.

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