Sinonimi inglese britannico
(verbo frasale ) 
to progress or develop satisfactorily
It's all shaping up well for a brilliant finale next week.
He came round to see how our work was progressing.
Children develop at different rates.
come on
He is coming on very well at the violin.
turn out
It turned out that I knew the person she was talking about.
The defence is not yet ready to proceed with the trial.
look good
be promising
See shape

sinonimi aggiuntivi

in the sense of come on
to make progress
He is coming on very well at the violin.
in the sense of develop
to grow or bring to a later, more elaborate, or more advanced stage
Children develop at different rates.
in the sense of proceed
to advance or carry on, esp. after stopping
The defence is not yet ready to proceed with the trial.
go ahead,
get on,
press on,
crack on (informal)

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