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sinonimi aggiuntivi

in the sense of cloak
to hide or disguise
He uses jargon to cloak his inefficiency.
in the sense of conceal
to cover and hide
The device, concealed in a dustbin, was defused by police.
in the sense of curtain
something forming a barrier or screen
a curtain of cigarette smoke
in the sense of disguise
a mask, costume, or manner that disguises
a ridiculous disguise
get-up (informal),
false appearance
in the sense of disguise
to change the appearance or manner in order to conceal the identity of (someone or something)
She made no attempt to disguise her contempt.
keep secret,
hush up,
draw a veil over,
keep dark,
keep under your hat
in the sense of hide
to obscure or cover (something) from view
The compound was hidden by trees and shrubs.
in the sense of mantle
to spread over or become spread over
Many of the peaks were already mantled with snow.
in the sense of obscure
to make unclear or vague
The building is almost completely obscured by a huge banner.
in the sense of shade
something used to provide a shield or protection from a direct source of light, such as a lamp shade
She left the shades down and the lights off.
in the sense of shield
to protect, hide, or defend (someone or something) from danger or harm
He shielded his head from the sun with an old sack.

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