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[ˈpɔɪznəs ]
[snake etc] venenoso
[substance, plant, fumes etc] tóxico
2.  (figurative)
(damaging) pernicioso
(very bad) horriblemalísimo
this poisonous propaganda esta propaganda perniciosa
the play was poisonous la obra fue horrible
he’s a poisonous individual es una persona odiosa

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Esempi di frasi che includono poisonous

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She portrays a poisonous atmosphere in which journalism and freedom of speech had become matters of life and death.
The Times Literary Supplement (2011)
A man in Swindon recently had a particularly terrifying shock when he found a nest of poisonous spiders in his kitchen cupboard.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
He races to the farm and finds the trio lying motionless, having inhaled poisonous gas!
The Sun (2010)
Rolling clouds of poisonous gases had seeped into their lungs and killed them where they stood.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
The idea of a poisonous snake makes nature rather too close.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
The whole plant is poisonous to eat.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
These lakes were full of poisonous gases from the volcano.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
They may have consumed poisonous plants and been exposed to slug pellets.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Used in small amounts for culinary purposes but poisonous in large quantities.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
Live in a poisonous atmosphere and take on your battles for you?
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
They knew which plants were poisonous, which were not.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
We know that mercury is extremely poisonous.
MacIntyre, Anne M. E. Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome - How To Live With It (1989)
A cloud of poisonous vapour drifted towards the city.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
Britain's most poisonous spider can be lethal.
The Sun (2015)
But she recoiled in horror when the poisonous Chilean rose spider wriggled into life.
The Sun (2010)
More than 20,000 people also died in Britain from the poisonous ash cloud.
The Sun (2011)
She was a like poisonous snake in his house.
The Sun (2014)
We will defeat their poisonous and twisted ideology.
The Sun (2016)
When cops found him at a park outside the vehicle he had inhaled poisonous gas but was alive.
The Sun (2015)
Allowing players to voice their grievances will simply give rise to an atmosphere of poisonous recrimination.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
The berries of both plants are poisonous, and will burn the lips.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
The biggest concern is that the poisonous atmosphere is spreading into more general antagonism towards the profit motive.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Otherwise, the poisonous gases in the tunnels will kill us.
Christianity Today (2000)

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poisonous in altre lingue

Inglese britannico: poisonous /ˈpɔɪzənəs/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is poisonous will kill you or harm you if you swallow or absorb it.
Ten workmen breathed in poisonous gas.
  • Inglese americano: poisonous
  • Arabo: سامّ
  • Portoghese brasiliano: venenoso
  • Cinese: 有毒的
  • Croato: otrovan
  • Ceco: jedovatý
  • Danese: giftig
  • Olandese: giftig
  • Spagnolo europeo: venenoso
  • Finlandese: myrkyllinen
  • Francese: venimeux
  • Tedesco: giftig
  • Greco: δηλητηριώδης
  • Italiano: velenoso
  • Giapponese: 有毒な
  • Coreano: 유해한
  • Norvegese: giftig
  • Polacco: toksyczny
  • Portoghese Europeo: venenoso
  • Romeno: otrăvitor
  • Russo: ядовитый
  • Spagnolo: venenoso
  • Svedese: giftig
  • Thailandese: ซึ่งเป็นพิษ
  • Turco: zehirli
  • Ucraino: отруйний
  • Vietnamita: độc

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