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[pʌlp ]
1.  (paper pulp, wood pulp) pasta fpulpa f
(for paper) pulpa f de madera
to reduce sth to pulp hacer algo papilla
a leg crushed to pulp (figurative) una pierna hecha trizas
to beat sb to a pulp (informal) (figurative) dar a algn una tremenda palizahacer a algn papilla (inf)
2.  [of fruit, vegetable] pulpa f
verbo transitivo
reducir a pulpa
See pulp literature

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Esempi di frasi che includono pulp

Questi esempi sono stati selezionati automaticamente e possono contenere contenuti sensibili. Leggi tutto ...
A smoothie that gives you 150ml of juice plus 80g of fruit pulp counts as two towards your five a day.
The Sun (2014)
Add the sugar, stirring with a wooden spoon as it dissolves while working the apples into a soft pulp.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
Do not use pulp as it will destroy the bubbles.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Mash four large strawberries with a fork and spread the pulp on the skin.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
Peel, finely chop and crush the garlic with a generous pinch of salt to make a juicy pulp.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
Rinse them to remove all the pulp and spread them out to dry overnight.
The Sun (2011)
Stir in 3 tbsp sugar, stirring while working the apples to a soft pulp.
Times, Sunday Times (2010)
Alternatively, chop up small, blend and strain the juice from the pulp.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Pour the sugar and lemon juice over the pulp and stir through the fresh bay leaves.
Times, Sunday Times (2015)
Put the fruit pulp, butter, sugar and lemon juice in a heatproof bowl that fits the top of a saucepan.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Squeeze out any juice from the pulp and discard.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Place the peel, juice and pulp in the milk.
Guyton, Anita The Natural Beauty Book - cruelty-free cosmetics to make at home (1991)
The leftover pulp has no use and is dug back into the ground.
Wild, Anthony The East India Company Book of Coffee (1994)
The writing too is more evolved than you would have found in Victorian pulp fiction.
The Sun (2013)

Tendenze di pulp

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pulp in altre lingue

Inglese britannico: pulp NOUN
If an object is pressed into a pulp, it is crushed or beaten until it is soft, smooth, and wet.
The olives are crushed to a pulp by stone rollers.
  • Inglese americano: pulp
  • Portoghese brasiliano: polpa
  • Cinese:
  • Spagnolo europeo: pasta
  • Francese: purée
  • Tedesco: Brei
  • Italiano: poltiglia
  • Giapponese: どろどろしたもの
  • Coreano: 걸쭉한 물질
  • Portoghese Europeo: polpa
  • Spagnolo: pasta
Inglese britannico: pulp ADJECTIVE
People refer to stories or novels as pulp fiction when they consider them to be of poor quality and intentionally shocking or sensational.
...lurid '50s pulp novels.
  • Inglese americano: pulp
  • Portoghese brasiliano: tipo de publicação antiga considerada de má qualidade
  • Cinese: 低俗
  • Spagnolo europeo: de literatura popular
  • Francese: de gare
  • Tedesco: Schund-
  • Italiano: pulp
  • Giapponese: 低俗な
  • Coreano: 저속한
  • Portoghese Europeo: tipo de publicação antiga considerada de má qualidade
  • Spagnolo: de literatura popular


Traduzione pulp dal Inglese a Spagnolo Collins
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