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Esempi di frasi che comprendono business casual

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Opt for simple, neat clothing - at the very least, business casual. The Sun (2011)For some reason, business casual gives us many problems. Times, Sunday Times (2007)My job requires professional dress at client meetings, and business-casual otherwise. Times, Sunday Times (2007)More clients are dressing informally and many parts of our company are already business casual. Times, Sunday Times (2016)But 'wear what you like' quickly converted into business casual, sartorial correctness set in and one uniform replaced another. Times, Sunday Times (2018)For example, if your clients dress casually in jeans, then dress in business casual when you go to see them. Times, Sunday Times (2014)In many ways, understanding what to avoid for business casual is more helpful than being told what is right for you to wear. Times, Sunday Times (2007)


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