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So don't follow the crowd, design your own and go to town. The Sun (2017)Be true to yourself and remember you don't have to follow the crowd. The Sun (2012)We are also more likely to follow the crowd in periods of uncertainty. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Just follow the crowd, watch what everyone's eating and order the same. Times, Sunday Times (2010)It can be tempting for entrepreneurs to follow the crowd and base their ventures close to other start-ups. Times, Sunday Times (2018)We try not to follow the crowd, and always support the rule of law and justice for the individual above the court of public opinion. Times, Sunday Times (2010)My advice is to quit complaining and vote with your feet — don't follow the crowd. The Sun (2014)The pressure to conform, to follow the crowd, both at work and socially, is considerable. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They are known as contrarians and theirs is a high-risk strategy that fights our instincts to follow the crowd. Times, Sunday Times (2014)


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