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Parola del giorno : aerostat
Parola del giorno : aerostat
Definizione spagnola di "footie"
Definizione spagnola di "footie"
NUOVO da Collins!
NUOVO da Collins!
Facile apprendimento della grammatica inglese
Facile apprendimento della grammatica inglese

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FOOTIE fans face a rail nightmare as they try to get to away games today. The Sun (2016)THREE people were being quizzed last night over the murder of the brother of a footie star. The Sun (2017)Is he a footie fan? The Sun (2016)I'm not a footie fan but would help pay any fine. The Sun (2016)Past and present footie stars hit out last night. The Sun (2011)Luck is linked to a local footie team. The Sun (2009)When did you go to your first footie match? The Sun (2013)Other footie stars are expected to sign up for the campaign. The Sun (2010)And drummers perform far more concerts than pampered footie stars play matches. The Sun (2008)Getting inside the head of a footie boss is no mean feat and this is an admirable enough effort. The Sun (2009)So you're still a big footie fan? The Sun (2016)Going back to footie, which teams are playing their hearts out now? The Sun (2006)It seems half the nation's footie fans are lying awake at night fretting over his scans. The Sun (2006)Lab's also going to take him to a footie match. The Sun (2012)She worked in a shoe shop before settling down with the 25-year-old footie star. The Sun (2012)He's a massive footie fan and still turns out at weekends. The Sun (2006)Who is my footie team? The Sun (2013)Only afterwards did I realise it was a rugby and not a footie team! Times, Sunday Times (2013)Acting like a footie boss, he criticised their performance in the first half of the series and barked at each about how they could improve. The Sun (2010) Bosses extended footie coverage on Wednesday night to allow for the 20-minute trip before she arrived with moments to spare. The Sun (2010)

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Definizione di footie dal dizionario Dizionario inglese Collins
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