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We'd been familiar with a detail from that picture for years. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Some haven't seen their mom for years. Houston Chronicle (2002)Changing the city's form of government has been a hot topic for years. Houston Chronicle (2007)Until recently, the rangers went unpaid for years at a time. Smithsonian (2010)Sometimes they disappear for years, then spring up again in the same place. Times, Sunday Times (2009)The video remained hidden for years, but people talked about it. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Cuban had been considering this field for years. Houston Chronicle (2002)For years, she had slept about seven hours a night. Houston Chronicle (2006)In 1990, after being leased for years, the house fell silent. Houston Chronicle (2004)For years, each led a complex double life that entirely deceived their families. Times, Sunday Times (2013)


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