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Definizione spagnola di "foreign investment"
Definizione spagnola di "foreign investment"
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Top of the list of concerns is the impact on foreign investment. Times, Sunday Times (2016)We have seen very significant foreign investment in a number of sectors of the real economy, so obviously this is a confirmation of the restoration of confidence. Times, Sunday Times (2017)The government said yesterday that it would introduce'significant new safeguards' on future foreign investment in nuclear power and critical infrastructure. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Some firms follow their clients when major clients make direct foreign investments. Maurice D. Levi International Finance: The markets and financial management of multinational business. (1983)The flow of foreign investment shows no sign of slowing. Joanna Blythman SHOPPED: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets (2004)It is expected to open up the region to more foreign investment. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Power prices are very politically sensitive and foreign investment in the power sector is highly controversial in many countries. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Inevitably, foreign investment will dry up. Times, Sunday Times (2006)If an investor had made one foreign investment, it would most likely be in Canada. Maurice D. Levi International Finance: The markets and financial management of multinational business. (1983)Either way, a sharp decline in foreign investment in UK assets would reflect mounting fears. Times, Sunday Times (2016)But the bigger story is how well foreign investment in general has gone down in the US in the past 20 years or so. Times, Sunday Times (2006)

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