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Sinonimi di "ingress"
Sinonimi di "ingress"
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Parola del giorno : lehua
Definizione spagnola di "ingress"
Definizione spagnola di "ingress"
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NUOVO da Collins!
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Facile apprendimento della grammatica inglese

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Thereafter, there would be no ingress or exit except by specific arrangement or on the authority of the Commandant. Townsend, Eileen IN LOVE AND WAR (2002)At the top of the bedroom stairs, Patrick steps back to allow Joe ingress to the bedroom. Sean Thomas THE CHEEK PERFORATION DANCE (2002)He had to move now, ingress and egress before his nerves frayed and the last adrenalin dribbled away. Thomas, Craig THE LAST RAVEN (2002)Too many people, second floor, only one obvious ingress and egress, and walking into an unknown situation. James W. Huston THE SHADOWS OF POWER (2002)

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