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Parola del giorno : minimoto
Parola del giorno : minimoto
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NUOVO da Collins!
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Facile apprendimento della grammatica inglese

Esempi di frasi che comprendono on the hoof

Questi esempi sono stati selezionati automaticamente e possono contenere contenuti sensibili. Leggi tutto ...
The daily run of lunch on the hoof as the suits assured themselves of their need to be seen to be busy. James Birrell THE MANANA MAN (2002)If we're on the hoof we can leg it through those palm trees and there's nobody who'd be able to get a clear shot at you through that lot. Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2002)Better yet, turn me into an insensible chair with a broken rush seat, a nail on the hoof of a horse! Gregory Maguire CONFESSIONS OF AN UGLY STEPSISTER (2002)


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